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Nvidia Unveils Hybrid SLI Technology

2008 INTERNATIONAL CES — Nvidia unveiled Hybrid SLI, the industry's first hybrid technology for PC platforms, at the Consumer Electronics Show today. The technology, which Nvidia says will graphics performance and reduce power consumption, will be incorporated into graphics and motherboard desktop and notebook products for both AMD and Intel computing platforms. Hybrid SLI includes two new technologies: Hybrid Power and GeForce Boost. Hybrid Power, which is aimed at laptop gamers, reduces energy consumption and quiets PC operation. It enables the PC to switch processing from a single GPU or multiple GPUs in SLI configuration to the onboard motherboard GPU. GeForce Boost, aimed at desktop gamers, is for applications where 3D performance is required. The technology combines the processing power of an Nvidia GeForce-based graphics card with that of the second GPU integrated into the motherboard core logic. Nvidia also announced its next-generation chipset, the NForce 700-series, which it says will be released next month. The AMD processor-based chips include the 780a, 750a, and 730a. The 780a supports Nvidia's three-way SLI platform, allowing for three supporting graphics cards in the same PC. There's also the GeForce 8200 integrated graphics chip. Nvidia touts it as the industry's first micro-ATX motherboard solution with an onboard Microsoft DirectX 10-compliant motherboard GPU. Besides basic gaming, Nvidia says the new chip also offers full PureVideo HD support.

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