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Light Pipe Series Features Wider Viewing Area, Enhanced Contrast
Bivar Inc.
(949) 951-8808; fax (949) 951-3974; www.bivar.com

The Flexible Light Pipe FLP5 series offers a wider viewing area, enhanced contrast, and reduced light loss. According to the company, these devices provide brighter transmissions of LED-based lighting to display and indicator panels up to several hundred feet away. The devices suit industrial control, automotive, medical, datacom/telecom, and mobile electronics applications. The FLP5's enhanced brightness is achieved with a round 7-mm (nominal) lens size. This series features a viewing area that is 4 mm larger than previous versions. The FLP5 is designed with a clear honeycomb lens structure. Maximizing LED light emission, it reduces light loss from the typical 4% to under 3%. This design also increases the number of light-dispersing Fresnel details from two to four.

The company's patent-pending bonding technology creates a monolithic structure of lens and plastic optical fiber (POF). Flame-retardant UL-rated flexible tubing can extend to reach virtually any LED location on the pc board up to 328 ft. away. The FLP5 series devices are available in through-hole and surface-mount configurations. Custom sizes and colors are also available. Typical FLP5 pricing in production quantities is about $0.75 for a full assembly in 6-ft. length.

LED Displays Are Available In Various Configurations, Sizes
Para Light Corp.
(877) 377-7271; www.paraled.com

An extensive line of numeric and alphanumeric LED displays includes a variety of configurations, colors, and sizes. The seven-segment numeric LED displays range in height from 0.28 to 5 in. They are available in one- through five-digit configurations. Some versions include punctuation marks such as colons or commas. According to the company, these numeric displays suit use in digital clocks, audio and video equipment, medical readouts, gaming machines, and currency-exchange displays. Various LED colors include red, green, blue-yellow, and mixed. LEDs with multicolor capabilities are also available.

The alphanumeric LED displays come in single 13-segment digits/characters. These devices can be linked together for signage applications, including sports scoreboards and route displays on buses. These displays are available in 0.4- to 13-in. heights. All displays are available for both through-hole and surface mounting. Displays can be customized for specific requirements. Pricing for the LED displays ranges from $0.25 to $25.

Display Unit Employs Latest Driver Technology
Densitron Corp.
(562) 941-5000; www.densitron.com

The MAXIMISER is a versatile 1/2 VGA display unit. According to the company, this unit achieves increased performance at a price comparable to existing QVGA displays. The MAXIMISER incorporates a 6-in. diagonal screen. This passive monochrome display is available in two versions: negative mode (STN) and positive mode (FSTN). Both versions provide a viewing area measuring 125.5 mm wide and 87.2 mm high. While the dot pitch is 0.25 by 0.25, the dot size is 0.23 by 0.23. The unit incorporates a low-power CFL backlight (less than 2 W over 10,000 hours of life). The operating-temperature range of the unit is −15°C to 70°C. It also features a storage-temperature range of −20°C to 70°C. While the STN version offers extreme brightness (over 100 cd/m2), the FSTN version is sunlight-readable. The STN version is transmissive. Since the FSTN version is transreflective, it can be used with or without a backlight. Both models can be used in grey-scale mode.

In 1000-unit quantities, pricing for the displays starts at $70.

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