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Operator Interface Systems Provide Superior Corrosion Resistance
(800) 355-3560; fax (952) 942-6940; www.hoffmanonline.com.

The CC480 and CC600 Operator Interface (OI) Enclosure Systems are constructed of stainless steel to provide superior corrosion resistance. The systems are designed with a curved front cover. The easy to clean surface makes them ideal for suspending process and control equipment in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The modular design of these systems lets users create application-specific configurations by combining standard components. The two enclosures are available in eight sizes to accommodate a broad range of OI devices. Flat-screen and other OI devices mount directly on the enclosures' easy to remove cover. Optional subpanels allow users to mount additional components inside the enclosure. These subpanels are constructed of zinc-plated 3-mm steel with clear chromate. Enclosures are premachined to accept either the CS480 or the CS600 pendant arm mounting system, which can be used to attach OI enclosures to a wall, a machine, a bench, or the floor.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Ergonomic Enclosure Includes Built-In Battery Compartment
PacTec Corp.
(610) 361-4200; fax (610) 361-4201; www.pactecenclosures.com.

The RC35-9VB/2AA electronic enclosure is ideal for housing handheld remote control, testing, scanning, and paging devices used in consumer audio and video electronics. It is also suited for use in alarm and security systems, medical equipment, scientific instruments, small data-entry terminals, medical devices, and computer and telecommunications interfaces. This enclosure includes a battery compartment that accommodates either one 9-V battery or two size AA batteries. An end panel can be used for connectors, displays, IR sensors, and LEDs. This end panel, provided blank in the standard unit, is captured in slots when the top and bottom covers are joined together.

The top and bottom covers are rounded. A recessed top-panel area is suited for keypads, displays, membrane switch panels, and overlays. The standard size of the unit is 2.5 by 4.9 by 0.9 in. It can accommodate circuit boards measuring approximately 2.65 by 3.50 in. In 1000-unit quantities, the enclosure costs $3.90.

CompactPCI System Chassis Reduces Development Time
Tracewell Systems Inc.
(800) 848-4525; fax (614) 846-4450; www.tracewellsystems.com.

The T-Frame for CompactPCI is a highly configurable eight-slot system that cuts engineering time for CompactPCI-based electronic products. According to the company, this system is designed to satisfy the high standards demanded by telecom, military, and aerospace applications.

The T-Frame's patented open-frame design provides direct access to installed boards without the use of extender cards. The system includes built-in comprehensive measurement of backplane voltages, current, and exhaust air temperature. These features allow engineers to monitor vital parameters without the time and expense of external data-acquisition equipment and programs. The front-panel interface displays voltage, current, and temperature. Front-panel control includes 5- and 3.3-V margining. The eight-slot, 64-bit backplane is hot-swap compatible and supports standard 3U or 6U boards. The rear I/O card cage is adjustable for 60-, 80-, or 100-mm boards. The steel and aluminum construction makes the system rugged yet easily portable. Dimensions are less than 432 by 407 by 458 mm. These dimensions suit the T-Frame for benchtop use. In single-piece quantities, the T-Frame for CompactPCI starts at $3595.

14- And 16-Slot Backplanes Suit Mission-Critical Applications
One Stop Systems Inc.
(760) 745-9883; fax (760) 745-9824; www.onestopsystems.com.

CompactPCI 14- and 16-slot backplanes are especially suited for high-availability telephony, datacom, ISP, and wireless-server applications. Suited for mission-critical applications, these backplanes include the H.110 telephony bus and fully comply with the CompactPCI specification. The H.110 telephony bus is accessed through the J4 connectors on the backplane, enabling peripheral boards to communicate with each other.

To accommodate N+1 redundant power supplies, the backplanes are equipped with either two or four P47 power connectors. The 16-slot backplane supports the company's 3U 4HP wide power supplies. The 14-slot backplane accommodates either 3U or 6U 8HP wide modular power supplies used in many CompactPCI applications. Both backplanes leave three slots in a 21-slot enclosure for peripherals. The 16-slot backplanes with the H.110 telephony bus costs $2495. The 14-slot version costs $2295.

Ruggedized Enclosure Boasts Solid Body And Shock Mounting System
VersaLogic Corp.
(541) 485-8575; www.versalogic.com.

The VersaTainer is a ruggedized enclosure for PC/104-sized boards. The enclosure features a solid, one-piece, extruded body and shock mounting system. It provides a high degree of physical protection for PC/104 and PC/104-Plus systems during operation and transport. According to the company, this enclosure provides increased internal space for more complex connector and cabling requirements. The VersaTainer features both internal and external antivibration and shock mounting systems. Using corner support of one-piece compression-mounted rubber rails, all PC/104 modules are isolated internally. Externally, the entire enclosure is connected to its mounting point through a full-length rubber shock pad. Using the included end-cap gaskets and eight-screw end plates, the enclosure can be sealed for environments with airborne contaminants. With or without sealed bulkhead connectors, this provides a high degree of resistance to external contaminants. The VersaTainer is available in 4-, 6-, and 8-in. lengths. It includes prepunched end plates for standard I/O configurations. Pricing starts at $106 in OEM quantities.

Logic Package Offers Significant Space Savings
Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.
(888) 522-5372; fax (972) 910-8036; www.fairchildsemi.com.

MicroPak packaging is now available for the TinyLogic portfolio. According to the company, this development offers the logic industry's most significant space savings available. MicroPak is designed with a footprint of only 1.45 by 1.00 mm. It features a height of only 0.55 mm. Its manufacturer says it's 65% smaller than the SC70 package. MicroPak draws its space savings from flat-bottomed packages and environmentally friendly lead-free lands. Pricing for the devices ranges from $0.10 to $0.13 in 50,000-unit quantities.

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