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4U CompactPCI Enclosure Provides Eight 6U Slots
One Stop Systems Inc.
(760) 745-9883; fax (760) 745-9824; www.onestopsystems.com

A 4U high CompactPCI enclosure supports up to eight 6U horizontally mounted boards. In addition to an 8-slot CompactPCI backplane, standard or H.110 version, this enclosure offers dual 300-W hot-swappable power supplies. Two 5.25-in. drive bays are also featured. The dual power supplies avoid system shutdown. Front-to-back cooling is provided by two fans mounted on one end of the card cage. The fans blow cool air across the boards, which exits out the rear of the enclosure. This enclosure provides a suitable platform for networking, datacom, and telecom applications that require up to seven peripheral boards.

Available now, the 4U high CompactPCI enclosure with rear I/O costs $1295.

High-Density Fibre Channel Storage Enclosure Targets OEMs
Trimm Technologies Inc.
(800) 423-2024; fax (702) 260-3443; www.trimm.com

The F.A.S.T.-IDE-56 Fibre Channel high-density storage enclosure is fault tolerant. Designed for OEMs, a controller-of-choice can plug directly into this 4U, cableless, hot-swap system chassis. The redundant chassis features a passive motherboard and up to 56 IDE disk drives.

The 7-in. rack-mount chassis features up to four terabytes. It encompasses up to 56 individual blind-mate, removable IDE drive carriers with handles. The system boasts a custom motherboard design for OEM applications and accommodates redundant IDE-to-Fibre Channel RAID controllers. Blind-mate drives can be removed from the rear of the chassis. The chassis contains no Fibre Channel or IDE cables.

The system features a redundant hot-swap power system. Four 400-W power supplies with two ac sources are included. An advanced hot-swap cooling system and redundant tandem fan system provide more than 100 CFM with one failed fan. This configuration assures that no dead airspace or pressure leakage will occur in the event that one fan fails. A GUI option is offered, including an environmental monitoring unit (EMU), an eight-character alpha numeric display, and remote system status and error-notification capabilities.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

CompactPCI Subrack Supplies Simple Solution For Board Development
Rittal Corp.
(800) 35-RIPAC; www.rittal-corp.com

The CompactPCI Developer Subrack provides a simple and inexpensive solution to test and debug CompactPCI front- and rear-loaded I/O boards. The subrack features specially designed side plates that allow easy access to pc boards. It's also designed so that the power for the backplane will come from an existing benchtop supply.

The dimensions of the subrack are 8U by 42HP (10.5 slot) by 292 mm. The upper 6U are for 6U CompactPCI front- and rear-loaded pc boards. The lower 2U are designed for fan-tray and table (cable) clearance. The unit suits front-loaded CompactPCI boards (6U by 160 mm) and rear-loaded I/O boards (6U by 80 mm). It can also hold an optional mix of 6U by 160 mm with 3U by 160-mm pc boards and 6U by 80 mm with 3U by 80-mm pc boards. Additional features include two ac fans with combined 54 CFM. A choice of CompactPCI or CompactPCI/H.110 backplanes is offered. With a protective, removable top cover, the unit also features an ESD jack.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Logic Package Reduces Size By 70% From SC-70 Packages
Texas Instruments Inc.
800-336-5236; www.ti.com

NanoStar packaging reduces the standard SC-70 (DCK) logic package size by 70%. This packaging enables manufacturers to deliver the smaller size portable consumer electronics demanded by customers while enhancing reliability and signal integrity. The first devices offered in NanoStar packaging will offer popular logic functions for space-constrained systems, including wireless handsets, pagers, PDAs, portable DVD players, MP3 players, notebook computers, and other portable consumer electronics.

This packaging will first be introduced in a 5-pin, single-gate, low-voltage CMOS (LVC) technology. LVC dual-gate devices will follow in an 8-pin version. These devices operate at 1.8 V and are optimized at 3.3 V. They provide low power consumption and medium current-drive capability. They enable designers to place more functions in a tighter space while improving system performance. The packaging features a footprint of 1.40 by 0.9 by 0.50 mm. This offers a 13% reduction in size from any other alternative logic package solution. Improved thermal performance benefits designers concerned with heat dissipation in small, portable electronics.

NanoStar packaging is available in 3000-part reels. In quantities greater than 50,000, the packaging costs about $0.25.

High-Density Manufacturing Process Integrates Packaging And Test
Amkor Technology Inc.
(610) 431-9600; fax (610) 431-5881; www.amkor.com

A high-density manufacturing process dramatically alters the way many of the semiconductor industry's most popular IC packages are assembled and tested. This process integrates packaging and test to reduce the cost of materials, labor, cycle time, and floor space. It increases productivity while maintaining high levels of performance and reliability.

The process is applicable to most leadframe-based IC packages, which account for 90% of the ICs used today. Two key steps enable this low-cost process. The first is the enlargement and standardization of the copper leadframe strips used in the manufacturing process to 70 by 250 mm. Up to 585 IC packages can be tested on a single leadframe strip. The actual IC count per leadframe strip depends on the size of the IC package. The second key step is the integration of electrical test into the assembly process while the IC packages are still held in the strip format. This allows up to 48 packages to be contacted simultaneously and electrically tested in parallel. This configuration reduces indexing and test time per unit. More than 25 package types are being produced in high-density format for major IC manufacturers.

Contact the company for more information.

Chassis And Interconnect Hardware Offers Up To Four PMC/PCI Sites
Tracewell Systems Inc.
(800) 848-4525; fax (614) 846-4450; www.tracewellsystems.com

A series of system chassis products based on innovative interconnect boards makes it possible to integrate a full-size PCI mezzanine card (PMC), two external PMC sites, and one embedded PMC/PCI slot in an EIA 1U or sub-1U chassis. These packages facilitate the creation of space-efficient rack-mount computer packages for telecom/datacom, data acquisition, and other industrial computing applications. The use of PMC carrier modules or extenders is not required.

The "Multi Node" chassis consists of a 10U, 19-in. wide, EIA-compliant rack-mount chassis that is subdivided into a computer module and a separate, centralized power/cooling section. Each computer module is a separate, removable subchassis that can house PCI and PMC cards, custom circuitry, and I/O. This chassis provides the structural integrity and hot-swap capability of CompactPCI. A "Single-Node" system is ideal for applications requiring a smaller number of computing nodes. The 1U version contains a 175-W power supply, a cooling system, and up to four sites for PMC, PCI, and PCMCIA cards.

Multi Node is now available for the company's custom system designs. Pricing depends on user specifications and is determined at the time of order.

Flip-Chip Packaging Provides Best-In-Class Signal I/O Density
LSI Logic Corp.
(866) 574-5741; www.lsilogic.com

The flxI/O flip-chip package technology suits high-performance products in the communications and storage markets. This package offers ASIC/SoC designers improvements in signal I/O density and electrical performance. This technology also features a significant reduction in die size when compared to peripheral I/O packages.

Rather than restricting signal I/Os to the periphery of the die, the flxI/O flip chip employs an area array approach for signal I/O placement. The approach optimizes die size and and increases signal I/O counts. This technology enables signal I/O placement anywhere on the die. The configuration gives designers the flexibility to realize up to 60% die-size reduction or to increase signal I/O density by up to 65%. This packaging technology suits communications applications requiring high-speed, highly reliable data interfaces at rates of 5 Gbits/s and beyond. The flxI/O uses an organic substrate material similar to that used by the FPBGA-packaged family. Organic substrate technology offers greater signal density and improved electrical performance over ceramic. The use of organic substrate also enhances solder-ball interconnect reliability.

Standard flxI/O packages are available immediately in high volumes to the company's customers. While body sizes range from 31 to 50 mm/side, ball counts range from 896 to 2397. Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

CompactPCI Card Guide Packaging Features Universal Snap-In Mounting
Bivar Inc.
(949) 951-8808, ext. 32; fax (949) 951-3974; www.bivar.com

The CPCI-2000 Universal Snap-In Card Guides are designed specifically for CompactPCI applications. They fully comply with IEEE-1101.10 and PICMG 2.0 CompactPCI specifications. The 150-mm CPCI-2000 guide offers an innovative packaging solution. It meets requirements for applications such as electronic enclosures, printed circuit, computer, datacom/telecom, industrial control, security, and test and measurement.

Industry-standard extrusions require no proprietary rails or tools for installation. The universal design enables fast and easy snap-in mounting. The CPCI-2000 guides are manufactured from UL-rated 94V-0, natural, ABS material. This material provides strong, rigid retention to meet the needs of demanding rack-mounted applications. The guides are available in red or natural (off-white) colors to enable easy identification of the systems slot. They can be ordered with or without ESD grounding clips. Additional packaging design options include the use of the company's conductive inserts, which provide for ESD, hot-swap, and polarity keying.

Available immediately, the CPCI-2000 guides cost $0.25 each in production quantities.

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