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RF/Microwave Thin Film Capacitors Come Packaged In A 0402 Size
The 0402 Accu-P series capacitors, their maker claims, are the industry's highest-performance RF/microwave capacitors in a 0402 size. The devices are offered with a complete specification package, including guaranteed self-resonant frequency (SRF), equivalent series resistance (ESR), and Q values.

The capacitors feature capacitance values from 12.0 pF down to 0.1 pF with tolerances to ±0.01 pF (up to 5.6 pF), to ±0.1 pF (from 5.6 to 10 pF), and ±1% (higher than 10 pF). Rated voltage ranges from 10 to 50 V dc. Over the temperature range of −55°C to 125°C, the devices have a temperature coefficient of ±30 ppm/°C. The series guarantees SRF, ESR, and Q values through 2400 MHz.

The capacitors' nickel/solder-coated terminations are compatible with virtually all automated assembly equipment. The capacitors are available in tape-and-reel packaging of 5000 and 10,000/reel.

The Accu-P Series capacitors cost about $0.19 each.

AVX Corp., P.O. Box 867, Myrtle Beach, SC 29578-0867; (803) 946-0414; fax (803) 448-1943; www.avxcorp.com.

Resistors Provide High Power-Handling And Low Resistance
The OARS series open-air metal-element resistors feature a power rating of up to 2 W at 25°C (1 W at 85°C) and resistance values from 0.1 to 0.003 Ω. These devices offer circuit designers a surface-mount alternative to conventional axial devices for circuits in current-sense, feedback, and pulse-overload applications that require a resistor with high power-handling ca-pabilities.

The devices feature TCRs of ±20 ppm/°C and inductance values of less than 5 nH. The operating-temperature range is −40°C to 125°C. The resistors are designed to fit a standard EIA 2512 footprint, measuring 0.440 by 0.125 in. with a board-mounted profile of 0.120 in. They are sold in tape-and-reel packaging. Also, they are compatible with high-speed automated assembly equipment.

Typical pricing for the OARS series resistors ranges from $0.15 to $0.25 in production volumes.

International Resistive Company Inc., 736 Greenway Rd., P.O. Box 1860, Boone, NC 28607; (828) 264-8861; www.irctt.com.

Ultracapacitor Supplies Power To System For Peak Loads And Outages
The PC2500, a 2500-farad ultracapacitor, is suited for industrial, UPS, hybrid electric vehicle, and fuel cell applications. It may also be used for any other application requiring pulsed power, high cycle reliability, and low maintenance.

The device caches 7800 J of energy at a nominal 2.5 V for high-powered discharges from fractions of a second to one minute. It provides roughly 10 times the power density of ordinary batteries alone. The device is charged from and used in conjunction with a primary power supply such as a battery, fuel cell, or generator. Through its small size and its ability to relieve power- intensive systems of peak-power functions, the ultracapacitor drastically extends a system's life while reducing its overall cost and size.

The PC2500 is packaged in a durable, lightweight, hermetically sealed aluminum can. It features easily accessible terminals and an electrostatic storage capability that can cycle hundreds of thousands of charges and discharges without performance degradation.

The PC2500 costs $500 per cell for small orders. Price is reduced to under $250 per cell for volume orders.

PowerCache Ultracapacitors, 4949 Greencraig Ln., San Diego, CA 92123; (858) 576-7733; www.powercache.com.

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