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Four-Line Array Provides Low Capacitance And Leakage Current
The 41206 ESDA is the latest addition to the SurgX family of ESD protection products. This four-line element array takes up 50% more board space than the electrically identical SurgX 0805 chip, but it gives up less board real estate per line of protection. Its advanced voltage-variable polymer technology and metal deposition techniques create bidirectional transient voltage suppressors that have the lowest capacitance and leakage current available in the industry.

Designed to protect sensitive electronic circuits from ESD, the 41206 ESDA can instantaneously react to transient voltage and clamp it below 60 V. That way, there is less voltage stress during the clamp period, along with greater IC protection. It's also invisible to the circuit in the off state, making it transparent to high-speed digital circuits without signal disruption or distortion.

Available in bulk packaging or tape-and-reel for easy pick-and-place utilization, the 41206 ESDA costs $0.32 each in 50,000-unit quantities.

Cooper Electronic Technologies, P.O. Box 66791, St. Louis, MS 63166; (888) 414-2645; fax (636) 527-1457.

High-Voltage PWM Controller Services ISDN Power Supplies
Designed for systems requiring up to 10 W of power, the Si9113DY is a high-voltage PWM converter that provides multiple-output dc-to-dc conversion for ISDN applications. At the same time, it meets CCITT and ETR-080 requirements. Packaged in a 14-pin SOIC, it lets designers implement a single-switch PWM circuit with a minimum of external parts. Its 23.5- to 200-V input-voltage range eliminates the need for a startup circuit. A dedicated internal comparator enables very accurate programmable start and stop input-voltage thresholds, as required by various telecom standards.

The programmable hysteresis avoids unintentional locking of the system during startup. According to the manufacturer, the device's current mode control results in better load and transient response, which translates into less capacitance at the output. A 500-kHz internal oscillator provides a user-selectable 15- to 250-kHz converter output frequency.

Samples and small production quantities are available now, with up to 10-week lead times for larger orders. The Si9113DY is priced at $1.22 each in 100,000-unit quantities.

Vishay Siliconix, 2201 Laurelwood Rd., Santa Clara, CA 95054-1595; (408) 988-8000; fax (408) 567-8950; www.siliconix.com.

Modular Motor Controllers Target Single-Phase AC Induction Motors
Models in the DigiDrive II family of modular motor controllers operate from 115- (SO161 series) and 230-V (SO171 series) line voltages. They can control the speed of 0.1- to 1.0-hp single-phase induction motors. Also, they can integrate into new and existing designs, resulting in higher energy deficiency, lower conversion costs, less conversion time, lower total design costs, enhanced performance, and extended motor life. The manufacturer says that firmware modifications and hardware selections provide the controllers with customized capabilities, resulting in faster time-to-market and lower cost of ownership.

Three subsystems make up each controller's architecture. The power drive board (PDB) contains the power electronics, drive circuitry, and basic drive controls. The power interface connects the motor and ac line to the PDB. Also, the control interface provides customer-specific control settings, interface communication ports, and flexibility in control settings and interconnect systems. Combining two or three of these modules creates a family of controllers that meets the needs of single-phase systems.

Sample and production quantities are available now. Sample prices start at $85.00. Production prices begin at $65.00 for 1000-unit quantities.

Anacon Systems, 1043 Shoreline Blvd., Ste. 202, Mountain View, CA 94043; (650) 934-3355; fax (650) 934-3356; Internet: www.anaconsystems.com.

Manual Control Interface Provides Fingertip Control To CRS
The Compact Rectifier Series (CRS) dc power supplies now include the MicroStar 2000 HMI. This manual control interface features large, easy-to-read digital displays for amps and volts, along with a third display and a soft-touch keypad for setting additional features. Operators can set desired rectifier output levels with the push of a button. Additional parameters can be entered through the soft-touch keypad. Data is saved in the rectifier's on-board memory. Users can activate the plating cycle simply by pressing the "operate" button.

Available in bench-top and rack-mount configurations, models range from 10 to 1000 A. Several options are available for ac input power. Standard features include an ampere-time totalizer, a voltage/current limit indicator, a built-in calibration algorithm, and fault-detection circuitry.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Dynatronix Inc., 462 Griffin Blvd., Amery, WI 54001; (715) 268-8118; fax (715) 268-8183; www.dynatronix.com.

Tiny Voltage Regulators Geared For Ceramic Capacitors
Two lines of voltage-regulators are designed for use with ceramic capacitors. They also can operate tantalum or electrolytic capacitors. The S-814 series consists of low-dropout, high-precision voltage regulators, while the S-817 series features the world's smallest voltage regulator. Both versions have low equivalent series resistance (ESR), low current consumption, high output current, and high-precision output voltage. The S-814 series boasts a low dropout voltage. Also, both lines have a built-in power-off circuit, ensuring long battery life. When used with ceramic capacitors, they provide a smaller footprint, a reduction in cost, and improved safety. The S-814 comes in the SOT-23-5 and SOT-89-5 packages, while the S-817 is packaged in the SC-82AB.

Now available, the SOT-23-5 and SC-82AB products cost $0.50 each in 3000-unit quantities, while the SOT-89-5 products go for $0.50 each in 1000-unit quantities.

Seiko Instruments USA Inc., 2990 W. Lomita Blvd., Torrance, CA 90505; (310) 517-7771; fax (310) 517-7792; Internet: www.seiko-usa-ecd.com.

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