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500-W Power Supply Offers IPMI Capability
C&D Technologies Inc.
(919) 571-9405; fax (919) 571-9262;

The cPCI500DC is a CompactPCI 500-W dc power supply. This device is the first to feature built-in Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) functionality. The power supply is housed in a 6U by 4-HP package. It is targeted at high-availability CompactPCI rack-mount telecommunications systems requiring 500 W of continuous power and support for hot-swap, redundant operation.

An optional integral I2C board provides IPMI connectivity to a system-management (SM) bus. This connectivity allows monitoring of key status functions, including output voltage and current levels. The power supply is designed to comply with the PICMG 2.11 R1.0 Power Interface Specification with 47-pin I/O connection. The cPCI500DC power-supply unit provides the standard PCI-output voltages of 3.3, 5, 12, and −12 V. Hot-swap performance and N+1 redundant configurations are enabled by current sharing on all of the unit's outputs and remote sense on the positive-voltage outputs.

The cPCI500DC requires no minimum load. Its input voltage ranges from 36 to 75 V dc, making the power supply ideal for systems developed for global deployment. Outputs are individually protected against overloads, short circuits, and overtemperature conditions. The outputs are capable of automatic recovery once the fault condition is rectified. A fault-indication LED warns when output voltages are outside of specification. A "Power-Present" LED warns when input voltage is above the minimum requirement.

The cPCI500DC power-supply unit is designed for compliance with UL1950/CSA1950 and EN60950 safety standards. It can deliver its full 500-W output at temperatures up to 50°C. In OEM quantities, the cPCI500DC costs $549.

Compact UPS Features Extended Battery Runtimes
Invensys Powerware Division
(800) 822-4877;

The Powerware 5125 advanced power solution targets workstations, servers, telecommunications, and other critical networking equipment. This uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system provides extended runtimes. The device enhances the reliability and availability of systems ranging from 1 to 3 kVA. It is available in both rack-mount and tower configurations.

This UPS features Advanced Battery Management Plus (ABM Plus) to reduce battery recharge time. While doubling battery life, this system also provides advanced notification of the end of battery life for both internal and the company's externally connected battery modules. A two-in-one form-factor design makes the rack models adaptable to tower, rack-mount, benchtop, and under-counter applications. All versions feature a 2U configuration. A hot-swapable electronics module features internal bypass on 2400- and 3000-VA models. This module maximizes uptime and minimizes maintenance interruptions. A bundled software suite delivers complete power management for extensive control and monitoring. Wide voltage regulation is achieved with Buck and Double Boost technology. This technology minimizes battery use to correct voltage fluctuations.

Available now, pricing for the 5125 tower units starts at $699.

Interface Panel Improves System Power Stability
Astec Power
(760) 930-4600;

The Breaker Interface Panel (BIP) improves system power stability and provides a convenient, centralized location for all customer load-circuit designs. The BIP is also known as a Power Distribution Unit (PDU), Power Distribution Panel (PDP), or Frame Supervisory Panel (FSP). The BIP is designed to meet the specific requirements of telecom power systems.

The BIP is housed in a low-profile 2U, 23-in. rack-mountable frame. The panel has four separate 100-A input power feeds. It supports redundant A and B input connections. The company plans a future upgrade to 150-A feeds. The unit accepts a wide input-voltage range from −40 to −70 V dc. The panel holds four dc circuit-breaker modules. Each of the modules can accommodate up to five 5- to 25-A breakers. The breaker modules can be hot-swapped in the field without service interruption. The alarm is also replaceable in the field.

Breaker modules can be ordered with a variety of 5-, 10-, 20-, or 25-A-rated breakers installed. Spare breaker modules can also be purchased directly from the company. Each breaker module comes equipped with a 28,000-µF capacitor bank and onboard inrush-current-limiting circuitry. The BIP provides the standard telecom power alarm signals, including minor, major, critical, input feed fail, and output breaker tripped alarms. Additional features include alarm forwarding and servicing, an end-aisle lamp drive, an LED test switch, and connections for voice and data.

Available now, pricing for the BIP module starts at $2158 per channel.

Soft-Start Circuit Suits High-Inrush-Current Applications
Absopulse Electronics
(613) 836-3511; fax (613) 836-7488;

The SSC 1000 soft-start circuit is designed for use with 500- and 1000-VA inverters. It suits high-inrush-current applications. It's also suitable for other applications where inrush current has to be limited.

This circuit is typically installed between an inverter and a motor where surge current at motor startup massively exceeds the inverter's nominal power. The circuit prevents the shutdown of the inverter. In the 500-VA position, this unit limits the initial current draw to 6 A. The unit limits the initial current draw to 12 A in the 1000-VA position.

The SSC 1000 features an operating voltage of 230 V ac as well as thermal protection up to 120°C. The soft-start bypass function ensures that the load connects directly to the inverter 12 s after turn-on. At this stage, the motor would have reached its maximum revolutions. And, the SSC 1000 features a built-in overtemperature fuse.

The circuit is housed in a 7.8- by 4.4- by 2.0-in. corrosion-resistant aluminum enclosure. Custom versions are available for other electrical specifications. For quantities of 100, the SSC 1000 costs $65.

40-W DC-DC Converters Function For Board-Level Applications
(800) 823-8082; fax (508) 823-8181;

Members of the FDC40 series of modular-packaged dc-dc converters provide output power of 40 W. These devices are designed to meet cost-sensitive power-conversion requirements in board-level product applications, including data acquisition, communications, and industrial I/O. Members of this series accept 2:1 wide-range inputs from 9- to 72-V dc. Over 25 models are offered that provide single, dual, and triple outputs from 3.3 to 15 V dc.

All models in the series contain short-circuit protection, OVP, and an on/off control function. An internal input PI filter eliminates the need for external components. All models are pinout- and size-compatible with costlier products. These dc-dc converters provide 1600-V input-to-output isolation. They operate over the ambient-temperature range of −25°C to 85°C without forced cooling or output-power derating. The units are fully encapsulated, with full EMI-shielded metal cases.

Pricing for the FDC40 dc-dc converters starts at $39 in OEM quantities.

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