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Ribbonized Coax Assemblies Save Space

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A new line of ribbonized microminiature coax assemblies has been designed for high-speed interconnect applications where space is at a premium. The assemblies use Samtec's QTH/QSH 0.5 mm pitch connectors. In a width of 66.2 mm, the connectors offer 180 interconnections compared to 120 using a Samtec QTE/QSE 0.8 mm SMT connector. The new 0.5 mm connector assemblies were developed for board extenders in diagnostic and test equipment and other high-speed applications. As board-to-board, rack-to-rack or backplane stitching interconnections, these flexible coax assemblies are said to handle higher speed signal applications with easier routing and simpler board registration than alternate connector or PFC solutions. All cable assemblies can be quickly and easily configured with ribbon lengths from 5 cm to 10m and up to 200 contact counts. PRECISION INTERCONNECT, Portland, OR. (503) 224-5384.

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