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RISC CPU Card/Board Support WinCE6.0 + Linux 2.6

The NXC2620 32-bit RISC CPU card supports LCDs measuring 4.3” to 7” and its development kit supports both WinCE6.0 Linux 2.6. Targeting applications such as Panel PC, home automation, GPS navigation, and POS applications, it provides a USB 1.1 host/slave interface, RS-232, Ethernet, SDHC/MMC, and AC97 audio. Two types of CPU Cards are available: the PB260A card with a CPU and the PB502A card with a CPU and a GPU for video displays with resolutions up to 1280 x 1024. The NXC2620 Emb_DVK40 (Embedded DVK4.0) development kit is a compact computer board with a large set of features and handles general embedded applications such as navigation devices, home automation, and data acquisition. IC NEXUS, Tapei, Taiwan. 886-2-2789-1200.

Company: IC NEXUS

Product URL: Click here for more information

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