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Swabs Detect Lead
Defined by part number 2515-N, LeadCheck swabs promise to be a fast, easy-to-use method for testing components and solder joints for lead. Incoming components and boards, as well as existing inventories, can be checked for RoHS compliance. The swab kits are packaged in eight-packs, allowing every station to be affordably equipped. In addition to the swabs, the company's Lead-Free/RoHS Guide addresses issues related to defluxers, wick, mask, soldering tips, and solder pots. Subjects include an explanation of RoHS and WEEE directives, RoHS production issues, and product listing for lead-free tested products. Other features include a RoHS audit sheet that helps identify the optimal products for lead-free environments.
(800) 858-4043.

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RoHS Labels Ease Part Tracking

To aid customers in tracking their newly acquired RoHScompliant parts, the company now provides a packing slip designed to help track and segregate RoHS-compliant parts. The RoHS status of each part is indicated on the packing slip, as well as the manufacturer part number, part name, country of origin, and a description in English. Selfadhesive bin labels for each item are also included in a perforated section of the packing list. Each bin label is printed with the manufacturer part number, customer part number (if available), part description, RoHS status, and the company's SKU number, both text and barcode. For further information and availability, call
NEWARK INONE, Chicago, IL. (800) 463-9275.

Catalog Previews RoHSCompliant Sockets And Adapters
The Catalog 16 Preview, a short form catalog, features uptodate material specifications and part numbers for RoHS-compliant IC sockets and adapters for BGA, PGA, DIP, and SIP packages. The sockets are available with an array of insulator options including FR-4, peel-a-way removable carriers, and high-temperature molded LCP. All three insulators meet RoHS requirements for material content and are qualified to withstand the higher processing temperatures required in lead-free processing. In addition to gold plating, matte tin terminal plating and tin/silver/copper solder ball and solder pre-form terminals are available. The 24-page catalog is available in either hard copy or a PDF file from the company's web site.
ADVANCED INTERCONNECTIONS CORP., West Warwick, RI. (800) 424-9850.

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RoHS-Compliant POLs Save Space

For space-critical, lead-free applications, the RoHS-compliant SIL-C2 family of pointof-load (POL) converters consists of models with outputs from 3A to 40A, all of which accept a wide input-voltage range. Three of the converters, the ultra-small LDO-C series, offer a choice of 3A, 6A, and 10A outputs, while the two members of SIL-C2 family provide 20A and 40A outputs. The LDO-C converters accommodate an input range of 3V to 13.8V and have an output range from 0.59V to 5.1V. The SIL-C2 converters have an input range of 4.5V to 13.8V. The 20A SIL20C2 has an output range of 0.59V to 5.1V, while the 40A SIL40C2 has a 0.6V to 5.0V range. Depending on the device, prices range from $4.95 to $18.90 each/1,000.
ARTESYN TECHNOLOGIES, INC., Framingham, MA. (888) 283-3122.

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Wireless Data Module Now RoHS Compliant
With months to spare ahead of the European Union's requirements, the popular WIT2450 wireless data module is now lead free and RoHS compliant. For wireless data radio modules, the primary material in question is lead, which comes from various components and from lead-based solder used in manufacturing. Due to the complexity of converting to RoHS compliance, the company treats each compliant module as a new product, subjecting it to the testing and validation process even though the product is well established in the marketplace. For more details, call
CIRRONET INC., Norcross, GA. (678) 924-4201.

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