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San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA-A strategic partnership has been struck between Synergy Microsystems, Inc., a manufacturer of high-performance VMEbus CPU boards and mezzanine cards,and Lynx Real-Time Systems, Inc., makers of LynxOS, a highly scaleable and configurable real-time operating system. The pair aims to provide solutions optimized for applications requiring high levels of real-time performance. Targeted at developers of high-end VMEbus applications, Synergy's computer boards will support the LynxOS 3.0.0 real-time operating system, a UNIX-compatible, POSIX-conforming, multiprocess and multithreaded OS designed for complex hard real-time applications. LynxOS supports real-time applications with features that include interrupt handling technology, snugly coupled multiprocessing, and advanced memory management. The partnership with Lynx is expected to provide the hardware and software that make hard real-time applications operate more efficiently.

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