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Sensor Detects Vehicles By Using Earth’s Magnetic Field

A new vehicle detection sensor has been designed to detect three-dimensional changes in the earth’s natural magnetic field when the presence of a large metal object such as a car, truck or railcar is introduced, causing the sensor’s outputs to switch. The M-Gage S18M incorporates a completely self-contained design, functioning as the receiver and using the earth’s magnetic field as its signal source. Using on-board technologies, the sensor can automatically learn its own environment, determining ambient background characteristics and storing them in its on-board non-volatile memory. This sensor is useful for applications such as detection of a vehicle at a car wash entry/exit or at a fast food drive-up kiosk, a tractor trailer at a loading dock or a forklift passing through an automatic overhead door. Sensor replacement is said to be quick and easy, if necessary, with no disruption of traffic or damaging cuts to the roadway. Push-button programming makes setting up the M-Gage S18M easy. Program commands can be entered directly on the sensor or via a portable programming box if the sensor is mounted underground. The sensor operates at a temperature range of –40°C to +70° and meets IP67 and NEMA 6P environmental ratings. Pricing starts at $209. BANNER ENGINEERING CORP., Minneapolis, MN. (888) 373-6767.


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