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Position Sensor Suits Industrial, Automotive Equipment Applications
The Model 404 series linear actuation sensor features a spring return mechanism that enables the device to operate reliably in industrial automation processes. It is suited for use in a variety of industrial, robotics, automotive, and heavy equipment applications.

Compatible with limited-space applications, the design of this sensor eliminates the need for additional components required for direct coupling in industrial applications. It can be used in place of a rotary potentiometer to convert rotary motion to linear motion. The device measures linear motion and achieves independent linearity of ±1%. It offers an active electrical travel of 0.5-in. and an overall mechanical length of only 0.187 in. when the plunger is fully extended.

The dynamic temperature range of the device is −40°C to 125°C. The standard resistance range is 1 to 150 kHz with tolerances of ±10%. The sensor provides a TCR of −800 ppm/°C. At 70°C, the power rating is 0.25 W.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

BI Technologies, 4200 Bonita Pl., Fullerton, CA 92835; (714) 447-2757; fax (714) 447-2400; www.bitechnologies.com.

Tri-Axial Accelerometer Monitors Helicopter Engine Vibrations
The Model 960-TX tri-axial piezoelectric accelerometer is designed to monitor vibrations generated by military and commercial helicopter engines, transmissions, and airframes. Three miniature mutually perpendicular vibration sensors are mounted in a rugged machined housing that incorporates a single central-mounting screw.

Each vibration sensor features integrated thick-film electronic signal-conditioning circuitry that provides high sensitivity, temperature compensation, and low-impedance output drive capability. The sensor is qualified for use on the Navy's Vibration Analysis Test System (VATS). The rugged cable design, captive single-mounting screw, and detachable connector enable sensor rotation for simplified installation and cable routing. This sensor is suited for other vibration-monitoring applications such as aircraft model and structural analysis, Navy shipboard engine vibration monitoring, and commercial machinery vibration monitoring.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Columbia Research Laboratories Inc., 1925 Mac Dade Blvd., Woodlyn, PA 19094; (800) 813-8471; fax (610) 872-3882; www.columbiaresearchlab.com.

Pressure Transducer Suits Hydraulic And Pneumatic Applications
The Model HV high-performance sensor is configured specifically for high-volume applications. The unit is offered in ten pressure ranges, including 0 to 25 psig and 0 to 10,000 psig. For flexibility and application-specific functionality, four electrical connections and optional pressure port adapters are available.

The small size and minimal weight of the sensor make it ideal for industrial and commercial applications where reliability and stability are key requirements. The unit endures overpressures up to 2X and has a rated operating-temperature range of −40°F to 185°F. On-board electronics minimize signal degradation over distance. These devices are CE approved and ELI/RFI protected.

The sensor and housing are an integral, hermetic assembly, manufactured from a single piece of stainless steel to ensure reliable operation in adverse environmental conditions in off-road and heavy-equipment applications. The stainless steel wetted diaphragm is compatible with most corrosive media.

The HV sensor costs $285 each. In 5000-unit quantities, the device costs $89 each.

Sensotec Inc., 2080 Arlingate Ln., Columbus, OH 43228; (614) 850-5000; fax (614) 850-1111; www.sensotec.com.

Optical Sensor Array Targets Position-Detection Systems
The TSL3301 3-V CMOS linear optical sensor array is a 300-dpi, 102- by 1-pixel array. It combines sensitive photodetectors with an 8-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and control circuitry on a single monolithic IC. Operating down to 3 V, it suits portable battery-operated applications such as handheld scanners and OCR readers.

The on-chip ADC converts pixel data at a 1-µs rate. The array is split into three 34-pixel segments, each with its own set of programmable gain and offset registers. This allows the system designer to compensate for offset errors and to normalize the gain across the array. The user can set pixel integration time, read and write to gain and offset registers, read data, and perform asynchronous pixel reset. The device employs an easy-to-use serial interface for all control functions.

The TSL3301 is available in an 8-pin clear epoxy DIP package with a standard commercial temperature range of 0°C to 70°C. An extended temperature range of −40°C to 115°C is offered in the TSLW3301 glass-windowed package. In 1000-unit quantities, the TSL3301 and TSLW3301 cost $4.65 and $5.58, respectively.

TAOS Inc., 800 Jupiter Rd., Ste. 205, Plano, TX 75074-7461; (972) 673-0759; fax (972) 943-0610; www.taosinc.com.

Electrode Adapter Set Allows Direct Replacement Of Traditional Sensors
The ECOFIT electrode adapter set consists of a threaded process adapter and a NEMA 6P-rated sensor cable and connector. The system allows direct, retrofit replacement of traditional sensors with 12-mm glass combination electrodes measuring 120 mm in length.

The system enables replacement of only the pH-measuring sensor element. The threaded adapter and wiring cable can be reused. In this manner, material replacement costs are reduced and rewiring costs are eliminated. Reconnection of instrument terminals is avoided through the quick disconnect system, streamlining the replacement process and reducing any necessary downtime. The ECOFIT works with a wide selection of gel- and liquid-filled electrodes.

A single ECOFIT system costs $210.

Endress+Hauser Inc., 2350 Endress Pl., Greenwood, IN 46143; (800) 428-4344; fax (317) 535-8498; www.endress.com.

Combined MLP/DPM-3 System Suits Industrial And OEM Measurements
The combined mini low-profile load (MLP) cell and DPM-3 panel-mount meter system is suited for a variety of industrial and OEM force measurement and weighing applications.

The DPM-3 can be scaled to a full five digits. It samples 60 readings/s and offers analog output and true peak reading capabilities. Accuracies are consistent with strain gage-based load cells. The MLP is a tension and compression load cell constructed from stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Available weights range from 10 to 1000 lbs.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Transducer Techniques Inc., 43178 Business Park Dr., Temecula, CA 92590; (800) 344-3965; fax (909) 676-1200; www.transducertechniques.com.

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