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Recently, Royal Philips Electronics (www.semiconductors.philips.com) introduced a low-power 802.11b solution. This solution plans to address the new era of handheld multimedia products, in which integrated WLAN access reaches corporations, homes, and public networks. The solution combines low power consumption with a small form factor. It consumes only 300 mm2 of board space. Compared to other similarly equipped solutions, it's at least 50% smaller.

Legra Systems (www.legra.com) has appointed David Tolwinksi as Chief Executive Officer. Tolwinksi is a veteran of the enterprise switch market. While employed at 3Com, he helped build the Ethernet-switch product category. Prior to 3Com, he served as Vice President of Marketing at Synernetics.

In a new partnership, Sitecom (www.sitecom.com) and Texas Instruments (www.ti.com) will deliver higher-performing 802.11g solutions for a wide array of home and SOHO WLAN products. By using TI's 802.11g+ technology, Sitecom's products will enable consumers to experience up to a 50% increase in throughput over 802.11g devices. This improvement will effectively enable faster downloads, e-mailing, and Internet surfing.

Intersil Corp. (www.intersil.com) has completed the sale of its Wireless Networking Products Group to Globe-spanVirata, Inc. (www.virata.com). In the transaction, Intersil received $250 million in cash and over 15 million shares of GlobespanVirata stock.

Through a broad strategic relationship, Atheros Communications (www.atheros.com) and D-Link (www.dlink.com) plan to deliver the latest 802.11b/g and 802.11a/b/g technologies to market. They'll use Atheros' advanced multi-mode WLAN technology in a wide array of D-Link 802.11b/g and 802.11a/b/g products. The partnership will enable D-Link to be first to market with higher-performance WLAN products. Those products are based on Atheros' Super G and Super A/G standards-plus performance enhancements.

Meetinghouse (www.mtghouse.com) announced that AEGIS Wireless LAN Security now provides enterprise-class security for the Palm Tungsten C. With AEGIS Wireless LAN Security, the handheld device can support EAP-LEAP. Known formally as the Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol, this highly secure protocol requires mutual authentication.

Intel Corp. (www.intel.com) will manufacture the industry's first single-chip processor for cellular phones using Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) networks. EDGE is an emerging technology that sends and receives data two to three times faster than today's GSM/GPRS (2.5G) networks. It enables higher-quality multimedia and other broadband applications for mobile-phone users.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (www.ieee.org) is developing a standard, IEEE P802.11n, to raise the effective throughput of WLANs to at least 100 Mbps. It will help meet the expanding bandwidth needs of enterprise and home networks as well as WLAN hot spots. The standard will address higher effective throughput at the MAC interface, rather than as a signaling bit rate in the PHY layer modulation scheme. Consequently, the throughput in the standard should more closely match what users see in transferring files and other tasks.

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