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Software Enables In-House Emergency Battery Pack Servicing
The TD-750 software makes the servicing of aircraft emergency battery packs more efficient through the integration of CASP/2500 functionality with the versatility of a PC. The software enables battery packs to be serviced quickly and accurately, with instant data-capture and self-documentation capabilities.

TD-750 works with CASP/2500's automatic battery servicing functions to provide data logging of every battery serviced. A complete record of all service tasks performed is maintained by the system, eliminating the need for manual documentation. Based on Windows, this software features a user-friendly interface for easy uploading, downloading, manipulation, and output of CASP tables. Onscreen emulation of the CASP display and keyboard enables easy calibration and testing. An extensive online help function replaces the conventional owners' manual.

The TD-750 software is available for a 30-day trial, after which it can be registered for use with a single CASP/2500. Optionally, the software may be registered for use with multiple CASPs. Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Marathon Power Technologies Co., 8301 Imperial Dr., Waco, TX 76712; (254) 776-0650; fax (254) 776-6558; www.mptc.com.

Simulator Replicates Intel 80200 Processor For Software Debugging
The XDB Simulator is a software debugger for the Intel XScale microarchitecture. It replicates the Intel 80200 processor to provide integrated instruction-level debugging. The simulator handles program functionality, including memory access and processor modes (32-bit and Thumb Mode).

The XDB Simulator also supports all the hardware features of the processor, including on-chip coprocessors, to enable testing of both isolated modules as well as partial application code. This software allows engineers to develop and test code specific to the Intel 80200 processor using the on-chip ACCO-DSP unit. It provides coprocessor support to simplify testing of complete embedded applications. Interrupt and exception support allow simulation to be handled according to the processor's specification or to be stopped manually. Thumb Mode and 32-bit processor features provide simultaneous support, allowing applications that are using these modes together to be executed and debugged.

The Instruction Trace mode lets developers display a high-level language C/C++/Assembler execution trace. GNU compatibility enables engineers to do all of their application development with a standard GNU C/C++ compiler. Available now, the XDB Simulator costs $2250.

CAD-UL Inc., 6380 E. Thomas Rd., #322, Scottsdale, AZ 85251; (480) 945-8188; fax (480) 945-8177; www.cadul.com.

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