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Embedded Browser Runs On The Java Platform
The Fresco embedded browser uses the Java Native Interface (JNI) to interface with Java-based Internet devices. It gives OEMs a small-footprint, fully customizable browser for Java environments. Written in C, it reduces development times by combining the ease of programming in Java with the speed and performance advantages of a native browser.

The browser is based on a unique three-layer architecture, consisting of the company's Portability Environment (APE), the core standards-compliant browser code, and a graphical front end. The APE interfaces with Java platforms through JNI. All systems with a compliant JVM and a C compiler can run the browser without the browser code having to be ported at all. According to the company, the Fresco browser enables OEMs to quickly and easily design a branded interface for Internet appliances. It is platform-independent and may be used with any hardware or operating system environment. Also, any applications written in Java can use this browser as a native class to display HTML content.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

ANT Limited, 20 Cambridge Pl., Cambridge, the U.K. CB2 1NS; (949) 363-5662; fax 011 44 (0) 1223-716401; www.antlimited.com.

PC Remote Control Software Supports New Operating System
Version 6 of NetSupport PC-Duo runs with the Beta release of Whistler, the next iteration of the Windows operating system. Additional features include CAPI support for ISDN clients, WakeOnLAN support, improved ActiveX Control security, and enhancements to support the release of Windows 2000 SP1.

In the feature set, the Group File Transfer and Advanced Scripting, Remote Clipboard, Request Help, Chat, Automated Roll-Out, and Quiet Mode features have all been enhanced in this version. Improved security features include hot-key disconnect capability, letting end users quickly terminate a remote session. While distributed separately, this version of PC-Duo is also available bundled with the company's PC system auditing and software distribution product, the LANutil32 Suite.

PC-Duo prices range from $65 per PC at the 10-PC level to $34 per PC at the 1000-PC level. Volume discounts are available for higher quantities.

Vector Networks Inc., 3425 Corporate Wy., Ste. D-G, Duluth, GA 30096; (800) 330-5035; www.vector-networks.com.

Open-Source Toolkit Facilitates Development Of GUIs For Linux
The AbsoluteX open-source development toolkit is now available for free download. This X-Window developer toolkit streamlines and facilitates the process of creating customized graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for Linux.

Based on C++, the toolkit fosters rapid development of Linux applications. It helps create Linux-based GUIs and desktop applications for the mainstream PC market. AbsoluteX is an open-source, free class library that employs a programming language with multiple inheritance methodology, Standard Template Libraries (STL), and efficient messaging. The language also includes programming methods that separate logical and visual aspect class libraries.

The AbsoluteX development toolkit is available for free download at www.absolutex.org.

Epitera USA, 100 W. 74th St., Ste. 4S, New York, NY 10023; (212) 874-1198; fax (212) 579-8655; www.epitera.com.

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