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Internet-Access Software Integrated Onto DSP Modem Chip Set
SmartStack Internet-access software has been integrated into a digital signal processor (DSP) modem chip set. It includes all of the software protocols necessary to perform Internet transactions such as e-mail, FTP file transfer, and single-page web server. These protocols have been passed onto a low-power, Flash-upgradable modem chip set that consists of an ADSST-218X series DSP, silicon DAA, and modem software. The modem itself, necessary for physical connection to the Internet, also is included.

Together, this software and chip set can be used in a variety of office and industrial equipment, as well as in consumer electronic devices. Possible applications include vending machine management and remote management of utility meters. Designers can employ it to connect electronic point-of-sale displays, transfer images from digital cameras, or print e-mails on fax machines. Remote control of air conditioning, heating, security, or sprinkler systems is possible, too.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

eDevice Inc., 420 Lexington Ave., Ste. 2300; New York, NY 10170; (212) 856-0000; fax (212) 856-9339; www.edevice.com.

Development Software Updated With Graphics Capabilities
Version 4.0 of the Cscape application development software supports operator interface functionality with added graphics capabilities not found in previous editions. This Windows-based software lets designers convert ladder logic in the native process code that resides in flash memory on the board. In turn, this lets integrators modify and develop special functions. The updated version supports the graphic OCS250 as meters, buttons, lamps, trends, bitmaps, and animations.

Its manufacturer also has added an auto tune PID function block, a get network data function block for accessing data on CsCAN or DeviceNet networks, and a put network data function block for sending data on CsCAN networks. Also, SmartLoad downloading trims program development time by reducing the download/upload time. The set time function block synchronizes time on networked OCS units. Support for the Ethernet Smart Stack module is included as well.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Horner Electric, 640 N. Sherman Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46201; (317) 916-4274; fax (317) 916-4287; www.heapg.com.

ColdFire Development Suite Includes Debugging Tools And Core Support
A source-level simulator and source-level debugger for the ColdFire family of 32-bit microcontrollers have been integrated with other ColdFire tools to produce a complete development suite. This suite supports the latest MCF5407 chip and the series 2 and 3 ColdFire cores. Developers can use it to build and debug their ColdFire programs both with and without hardware. This accelerates the development process while reducing time-to-market.

Once hardware becomes available, the parallel port background debug mode (BDM) debugger extends the source-level debugging capabilities to the hardware itself. The simulation and remote debugging environments are almost identical, so there is no learning curve in moving from one to the other. Also, the simulator can automatically generate a script file for debugger configuration.

As a standalone package, the suite costs about $1740. When purchased as an add-on module for use with an existing installation, it costs about $1140.

Crossware Products, Old Post House, Silver St., Litlington, Royston, Herts, SG8 0QE, the U.K.; +44 (0) 1763 853500; fax +44 (0) 1763 853330; www.crossware.com.

Free CD-ROM Software Suite Comes With Drivers And Support Utilities
A CD-ROM known as the PowerDAQ Software Suite includes a host of drivers and other support utilities. Its software development kit has drivers for all versions of Windows, Linux and Real-Time Linux, and QNX. The disc also includes sophisticated example programs for Visual C++, Visual BASIC, Delphi, and C++ Builder. LabVIEW, HP VEE, DASYLab, TestPoint, and Diadem drivers for major third-party packages are on the CD-ROM as well.

The PowerDAQ Software Suite comes with DoctorDAQ. This Excel add-in permits full control of hardware I/O at full-rated speed from within a worksheet. It has a template that implements real-time FFTs. The CD's demo version supports all software operations on one analog-input channel. Also, the suite features online documentation, including all manuals and application notes. And, the PowerDAQ Configurator helps designers select and set up UEI hardware/software.

This CD-ROM is available for free from the company.

United Electronic Industries, 10 Dexter Ave., Watertown, MA 02472-4107; (617) 924-1155; fax (617) 924-1441; www.ueidaq.com.

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