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Embedded Linux Gains MPC8260 Development Tool
As more vendors support more platforms, the embedded Linux environment continues improving. New to the list is the CodeWarrior for Embedix Development System for the Motorola PowerQUICC II MPC8260. The product combines the Motorola MPC8260 development board with Lineo's Embedix embedded Linux operating system and Metrowerks' CodeWarrior integrated development environment.

Developers can concentrate on applications right out of the box because the MPC8260 development board comes preconfigured, including preflashed memory. The Embedix SDK and Target Wizard and CodeWarrior for Embedix are already set up for operation with the board. Available now from Metrowerks and Lineo (www.lineo.com), this product sells for $14,495.
• Metrowerks Inc.
(781) 320-9400; www.metrowerks.com

Low-Cost Tools Expand Java 2 Micro Edition Support
Sun's Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) gains another supporter with IBM's J2ME-compatible components for IBM's J9 Java virtual machine. J2ME also is available from Sun.

Support for J2ME exists in the VisualAge Micro Edition (VAME) IDE. The Connected Limited Device Configuration, specified by JSR-00030, and the Mobile Information Device Profile, specified by JSR-00037, will be supported using VAME.

IBM's Java support is implemented from a master source. Configuration files generate platform-specific implementations, providing a consistent platform if applications are moved between hardware platforms.

The VisualAge Micro Edition Personal Package is available for download and evaluation at no charge. Including a team repository plus version and release tools, the VisualAge Micro Edition Collaborative Package is available for $99 per developer.
• IBM Corp.
(602) 569-3800; www.ibm.com

Debugger Handles Multiple Cores Running Real-Time OSs
Mentor Graphics' XRAY debugger now supports Enea's (www.enea.com) real-time operating system, OSE RTOS. XRAY handles multiple processors, including multiple core environments, and is compatible with Enea's OSE Soft Environment operating-system simulator. XRAY allows the debugging of a mix of simulated and real environments.

XRAY is now integrated with the GNU C and C++ compilers. OSE RTOS and XRAY work with PowerPC, ARM, and Intel processor cores. XRAY is kernel-aware and works with Enea's OSE Illuminator, a sophisticated tracing system that addresses OSE RTOS' message-based interprocess communication support. XRAY for the OSE RTOS is available immediately.
• Mentor Graphics Corp.
(800) 547-3000; www.mentor.com

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