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Tools Ease Migration From 8051 To 16-Bit XA
• Tasking Inc.
(781) 320-9400;

The 8-bit 8051 is one of the most successful microcontrollers around, but designers are turning to Philips' 16-bit XA microcontroller as performance requirements increase. Tasking's new Tasking XA Tool Suite version 4.0 helps ease the migration between these two similar architectures. The tool suite supports all XA derivatives.

It includes an upgraded embedded development environment (EDE), optimizing C/C++/EC++ compilers, and a CrossViewPro ROM monitor, debugger, and simulator. The EDE editor's CodeSense feature provides word-completion and function-parameter help, and the debugger can graphically display detected errors. The compiler handles Safer C, a system of strict code checking that helps prevent the use of error-prone C constructs. Developers can select support for EMIT, a networking technology from emWare, or TCP/IP solutions from CMX.

The Tasking XA Tool Suite version 4.0 is available now on Windows, Linux, and Unix platforms. Prices start at $2390.

Digital Camera Operating System Streamlines Embedded Imaging
• Flashpoint Technology Inc.
(408) 795-5050;

Creating a custom operating system for a particular class of products makes a developer's job easier because the OS contains services required by that market. DigitaOS from Flashpoint Technology is an OS for the digital camera and wireless imaging market. It facilitates in-device imaging, plus communications with other devices, such as PCs. The latest version reduces its footprint size and features a more modular design.

DigitaOS is available now and works with standard development tools like Wind River's Tornado development environment. Pentax, Hewlett-Packard, Eastman Kodak, Minolta, and Epson implement DigitaOS and Flashpoint Technology tools.

RTOS-SBC Combination Targets In-Car Computers
• QNX Software Systems Ltd.
(800) 676-0566;

PCs in vehicles must be compact and reliable. QNX Software Systems has combined its QNX RTOS version 6 with Epson's ( ultra-small (101.6- by 63.5- by 16-mm) single-board computer. This computer, the CARD-PCI/GX1+, is based on National Semiconductor's ( Geode GX1 processor. The MMU-protected QNX RTOS modules include a customizable GUI, a Web browser, multimedia players, a PCMCIA manager, a tiny TCP/IP stack, and a choice among file systems, including flash, POSIX, and CIFS.

OSGi Gateway Links Embedded Devices
• Prosyst USA Inc.
(678) 336-0310;

Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) gateways promise to link a variety of devices to remote clients, in addition to supporting dynamic updates and remote management. Based on Java, OSGi gateways such as Prosyst's mBedded Server version 4.1 can run downloaded Java-based services.

The mBedded Server can use standard OSGi service bundles, including the HTTP Web server and log service. It also includes bundles for a Web-based administration, remote administration, POP3 mail client, and cryptography support. The mBedded Server core is only 60 kbytes, and it works with a variety of Java virtual machines (JVMs).

The device supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) 3.0's authentication. Socket Security Layer (SSL) support allows secure Web access. The mBedded Server works with Jini, Universal Plug & Play, and the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).

The Java Communication API enables access to serial, parallel, USB, and x10 devices.

Graphical Components Available For Java
• Infragistics Inc.
(800) 231-8588;

A basic set of components comes with the Java Swing and AWT environments, but developers must roll their own or turn to third parties when creating more-advanced user interfaces. Infragistics' latest JFCSuite 5.0 and JSuite 5.0 include charting, grid, and data input components, in addition to a data explorer with drill-down capability, tree, and calendaring components. JFCSuite works with the Swing Java development environments, while JSuite uses the AWT Java development environments, or JavaBeans.

Improvements to PowerChart permit Java charts and grids to be synchronized. It also features ActiveImage, a technology that allows the developer to use either server-side or client-side image maps. By this new feature, the scrips are automatically generated for event delegation as necessary.

Both suites include a new drop-down calculator as well as a color picker. Applet wrappers enable suite components to be used in Web pages without writing further Java code.

JSuite and JFCSuite retail for $995. PowerChart is included with JSuite and JFCSuite, although it comes separately as well. Subscription service is currently available.

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