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Adapters Interface With Logic Analyzers' High-Speed Probes
The Bug Catchers line of adapters directly interfaces to the TLA 700 logic analyzers' high-density, high-speed, high-signal-integrity probes. These modular, general-purpose adapters are designed for high-pin-count 1.27-mm and 1.0-mm pitch BGA devices. They come in seven different configurations.

A BGA package emulator unit solders directly to the target board. Yet it also has interface connections to a probe board, where the high-density Micto connectors reside for the logic-analyzer probes. The logic-analyzer interface is completed with a high-quality zero insertion force (ZIF) socket on the top or a surface-mountable grid adapter.

Prices start around $1000. Pin-count or package-type pricing may vary.

Adapters.com, 3024 Scott Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054; (408) 855-8527; fax (408) 855-8528; www.adapters.com.

Parallel Tester And Programmer Boasts High Speed And Throughput
The BP-350 tests and programs Flash, EPROMs, EEPROMs, and microcontrollers in the wafer and packaged-part stages. Its parallel-test methodology provides greater throughput, which its manufacturer claims is three times higher than traditional vector-based methods. This methodology also permits rapid test-pattern generation utilizing the company's high-level programming language. In fact, beta customers have reported a 3X reduction in costs and a 95% increase in speed.

By directly docking to the test prober, resulting in a zero footprint, the BP-350 saves floor space. The direct docking also eliminates waveform quality issues, since there are no connecting cables to produce signal errors. Programming technology known as Fast Site 5 is used with the tester to parallel-test up to four die simultaneously. Fast Site 5 also has up to 960 pin drivers. Additionally, the BP-350's modular design lets users swap boards without removing them from the prober.

Available immediately, the BP-350's pricing starts at $60,000.

BP Microsystems Inc., 1000 N. Post Oak Rd., Houston, TX 77055-7237; (713) 688-4600; fax (713) 688-0920; www.bpmicro.com.

PCI-X Analyzer Monitors Latencies, Throughput, And Data Transfers
Designed with TA660 hardware and programmable FPGAs, the TA690 PCI-X analyzer gives users PCI and PCI-X analysis on a single card. Engineers can configure this product as a TA660, TA690, or TA660/690. It can monitor latencies, throughput, efficiencies, and data transfers in real time and continuously up to 533 Mbytes/s. Its optimized design, which includes a series of on-board, dual-ported FIFOs and real-time word recognizers, lets developers measure and verify system specifications and find bottlenecks. Over 26 different predefined data-capture and trigger modes are included as well.

The TA690 costs $8900. The TA690 is $11,900. The combined TA660/690 costs $15,400. Pricing includes hardware, software, a one-year warranty, and one year of software upgrades.

Catalyst Enterprises, 1439 Torrington Ct., San Jose, CA 95120; (408) 268-4145; www.catalyst-ent.com.

Modular Test Executive Improves Manufacturing Test Productivity
The TestExec SL 4.1 controls test system operation and automates test-engineering tasks. This standalone product's modular architecture includes measurement libraries. Its test sequencing, limit checking, data logging and export, and ready-to-use operator interfaces enhance test productivity. Users also can develop, save, and reuse their own routines.

As part of the company's Intelligent Test open-software architecture, TestExec SL 4.1 permits data sharing throughout manufacturing test. These systems also provide easy access to test results and information. Users can view test data over the Internet using the TestExec SL's XML data export capability. Codeless integration of message-based instruments is included, too.

Its test profiler evaluates test performance, and its switch manager defines system topology. A throughput multiplier enables simultaneous test of multiple devices to increase throughput and better utilize test equipment. A hierarchical switching path editor, live instrument panels, and the ability to add or remove debug features without compilation enhance productivity.

This kit costs $2800. The run-time only product costs $500.

Agilent Technologies Inc., Communications Dept., 3000 Hanover St., ms 20b-1, Palo Alto, CA 94034-1112; (800) 452-4844, ext. 7092; www.agilent.com.

Quad-Site Gravity Handler Tackles Wide Range Of Packaging Options
The S-900 RoadRunner gravity handler uses advanced handling technology to process a wide range of package sizes, including SO, SOIC, TSSOP, SSOP, MSOP, and CSPs. Its maximum throughput exceeds 19,000 devices/hour. Its tri-temperature handler can test from −55°C to 155°C. This handler can be configured for single-, dual-, or quad-test-site operation. Its jam rate is specified as less than one per 15,000 devices. Auto-load, auto-unload, and vacuum plunge-to-board are included. So are various contacting systems, such as Kelvin, HPC, and plunge-to-board.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Micro Component Technology Inc., 2340 W. Country Rd. C, St. Paul, MN 55113-2528; (651) 697-4000; www.mct.com.

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