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Test System Uses Real-World Signals With Vector Error Correction
The MI 4115A Modulated Vector Network Analyzer (MVNA) uses real-world signals with vector error correction to test next-generation RF devices, including third-generation (3G) wireless and Bluetooth ICs. This benchtop test system can use any modulated or unmodulated stimulus for the measurement of next-generation devices, rather than the sinusoidal-only stimulus of existing vector network analyzers.

The system provides increased accuracy by simultaneously measuring S-parameter, spectrum, power, and power envelope data. This eliminates the need for multiple instrument use and provides a single, consistent set of data from which all RF parameters are calculated. The MI 4115A MVNA is configured as an amplifier test system that offers higher- and lower-power configurations for infrastructure and RF device applications. It incorporates a wide bandwidth and an 80-dB dynamic range in a high-speed system offering a 60-Msample/s sampling rate. Users can expand beyond four wideband, synchronous receivers to address future test needs. It is based on a modular CompactPCI architecture and the Windows NT operating system.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Credence Systems Corp., 215 Fourier Ave., Fremont, CA 94539; (510) 657-7400; fax (510) 623-2560; www.credence.com.

Analog/Digital Storage Oscilloscope Features 200-Msample/s Speed
The Model 5105A 150-MHz analog/digital storage oscilloscope incorporates a high-end digital scope with a 200-Msample/s sampling rate. Its built-in RS-232 PC interface enables the use of a PC to capture waveforms or to control the unit.

A single button is used to switch from analog to digital operation. The unit provides automatic setup of time base, vertical axis, and trigger parameters of the signal being measured. Up to 17 automatic measurements are displayed by readouts on the screen. It can store up to two waveforms, each 2000 by 8 bits long. The unit measures 11.6 by 15.0 by 4.9 in. It costs $2295.

B&K Precision Corp., 1031 Segovia Cir., Placentia, CA 92870-7137; (714) 237-9220; fax (714) 237-9214; www.bkprecision.com.

2-Gsample/s Waveform Digitizer Suits VXI-Compliant Carrier Module
The DBS 908 2-Gsample/s waveform digitizer functions as a plug-in module for the VXI-compliant DBS 9905 carrier module. Up to two of these devices can be installed in a single DBS 9905 carrier module.

This unit features a sampling rate range of 100 samples/s to 2 Gsamples/s. It also boasts 8-bit resolution and 4 Msamples of on-board memory, with an option of 16 Msamples of memory on board. The digitizer has flexible trigger and clock selections, the parameters of which can be specifically defined through software. For applications requiring pre- or post-trigger delays, adjustment from 0% to 100% of the acquisition frame is easily programmed. This unit comes with VXI-compliant plug-and-play drivers for Windows 9x, NT, and 2000. Menu-driven configuration, control, and display software enables quick setup and instant operation. Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Analogic Corp., 8 Centennial Dr., Peabody, MA 01960; (800) 446-8936; www.analogic.com.

Power Analyzer Boasts A 0.1% Phase Accuracy
The Model 2551 single-phase general-purpose power analyzer measures and displays power, frequency, harmonics, inrush, and "glitches" with up to 1500 V peak, 40 A peak, and 100 kHz. Highly accurate with THD, it features a phase accuracy of 0.1% and a harmonic accuracy of 0.05%.

Power and amplitude are automatically synchronized to the fundamental frequency. The 16-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) takes up to 220 ksamples/s. Resolution is 0.05% of range with a graphics display showing waveforms, bar graphs, and history. The six-key front panel has four "soft" keys with toggle menus to simplify the selection of measurements. In addition to numerical results, the power analyzer captures waveforms with true 400-point precision. The waveforms can be displayed or output at full resolution to a PCL printer with an IEEE-448 interface. The power analyzer features a built-in 10-day historical data logging capability and a built-in power supply for Hall effect transducer applications.

The Model 2551 measures 4.5 by 11.5 by 10.5 in. and weighs 6 lbs. Available now, it costs $2095.

Xitron Technologies, 6295 Ferris Square, Bldg. D, San Diego, CA 92121; (858) 458-9852; www.xitron-tech.com.

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