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Wide-Body Package Offers Plug-In Second Source

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Improved specs and lower costs are just two of the benefits of the ALD500ASWC, a wide-body package option for the firm's ALD500 Series of monolithic CMOS analog processor chips. The 16-pin wide-body version offers users of the Telcom TC500 and TC500A chips a pin-for-pin compatible second source. Designated the ALD500SWC, ALD500ASWX and ALD500AUSWC, these front-end analog processors feature resolution of 16, 17 and 18 bits, plus sign bit and overrange bit. They offer low linearity errors of typically 0.001% full scale, 10 mW total power dissipation, 2 pA input current at 0V, ±3.5V input signal range, and a 1-µs fast zero-crossing comparator. Typical applications for the ALD500 analog-to-digital converters include sensor and scientific measurement add-on modules and boards for PC-based systems. ALD500SWC pricing starts at $2.96 each/10,000 for standard ALD500 devices.

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