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Joint Reference Design Permits SONET/SDH Overhead Processing
A joint reference design for SONET/SDH provides physical overhead processing and synchronization. This design features the combination of the PHAST family of VLSI devices with the patent-pending TimePieces chip-set solutions to provide a complete SONET/SDH termination solution that includes synchronization.

The PHAST product line is a flexible set of VLSI solutions for building multi-service access and transport systems like routers, DSLAMs, ATM switches, and multiplexers. These devices interface at SONET/SDH rates from 51 Mbits/s to 2.5 Gbits/s and support ATM, IP, and TDM services. The TimePieces product line consists of smart, autoconfigurable, and standards-based chips. These chips provide the scalable carrier-class synchronization functionality required in multiservice core, edge, and access equipment to support real-time multimedia applications.

The integration of the PHAST/TimePieces components in this joint reference design supports standard quality of service for convergent networks.

For pricing and availability information, contact either company.

Datum Inc., P.O. Box 14766, Austin, TX 78761-4766; (512) 721-4000; fax (512) 251-9685; www.datum.com.

TranSwitch, 3 Enterprise Dr., Shelton, CT 06484; (203) 929-8810; fax (203) 926-9453; www.transwitch.com.

100-GHz, 40-Channel AWG Targets DWDM Applications
A 100-GHz, 40-channel arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) multiplexer/demultiplexer is designed for dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) applications. According to the company, this AWG is suited as a building block for optical communications systems.

The AWG comes in a compact 75- by 44- by 20-mm package. This device combines and splits optical signals of different wavelengths for use in DWDM systems. It consists of a range of arrayed channel waveguides which together act as a diffraction grating in a spectrometer. By providing a high-wavelength resolution, the device attains narrow wavelength channel spacings and a low insertion loss.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Kymata Inc., 4 Princess Rd., Ste. 100, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648; (609) 844-9665; fax (609) 844-9668; www.kymata.com.

Voice Coder For CDMA Networks Scales Bandwidth According To Load
The Enhanced Variable Rate Codec (EVRC) functions as a voice coder for CDMA networks. Compressing voice for transfer across wireless networks, this device scales bandwidth according to the load on the system at any given time. The EVRC voice coder has been integrated into the ComStruct product line. This variable-rate design allows the operator to better manage the competing requirements of voice and data traffic.

Offering near-landline quality speech transmission, the EVRC voice coder also offers high resilience to dropouts. EVRC (Telecommunications Industry Association IS-127 standard) is a voice-coding algorithm that dynamically compresses a standard 64-kbit/s channel to between 8 and 13 kbits/s to maximize frequency efficiency. ComStruct is a set of modular and scalable communications processing building blocks that includes hardware, software, and DSP applications.

Through integration of EVRC with the ComStruct CPCI/C6402 DSP resource board, the user attains high-density EVRC transcoding solutions capable of 100 channels per slot.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Blue Wave Systems, 2410 Luna Rd., Carrollton, TX 75006; (800) 635-0200; fax (972) 277-4666; www.bluews.com.

Hybrid AM Transmitter Modules Minimize Component Counts
The AMRT4/AMRT5 series of miniature hybrid AM transmitter modules integrate a complete AM transmitter in low-power radio modules to simplify the implementation of wireless data communication systems. Over distances of 70 m, the devices transmit data at speeds up to 4 kHz.

Data can be provided directly to the transmitter from a microcontroller, an encoder, or any other CMOS/TTL source without additional circuitry. Frequencies of 315, 418, and 433.92 MHz are offered. The devices' thick-film, adjustable-component-free, hybrid technology ensures reliable operation and stable operating frequencies. They provide a wide 2- to 14-V operating voltage with typical power consumption of 4 mA.

The devices are available in either DIL packaging (AMRT4) or SIL packaging (AMRT5). The AMRT4 device measures 0.70 by 0.40 in. Both modules are fully compatible with the company's AM receiver modules.

Available now, pricing for the AMRT4 and AMRT5 modules starts at $10 each.

okwelectronics.com, Abele Business Park #203, 300 Old Pond Rd., Bridgeville, PA 15017; (412) 220-9244; fax (412) 220-9247; www.okwelectronics.com.

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