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Push-Pull IMFETs For Amplifier Applications Operate At 12 V
Communications applications that require high power, efficiency, and linear gain can use the MGFS48V2527 and MGFL48V1920 L- and S-band push-pull IMFETs. These 12-V, 60-W operational devices can be used in wireless local loops, basestations, radio links, and other amplifier applications. They come hermetically sealed in metal ceramic packages for high reliability. They're rated at −20-V gate-to-drain and −10-V gate-to-source voltages.

The MGFS48V2527 produces 60 W of output power over the 2.5- to 2.7-GHz bandwidth. It has a high-power gain rated at 10 dB and a 40% high-power added efficiency. Designed for 1.9- to 2-GHz applications, the MGFL48V1920 produces 60 W of output power. It has a high-power gain of 11.5 dB and a 45% high-power added efficiency. Both have an operational channel temperature around 175°C.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV, Semiconductors, Travellers Lane, Hatfield, Herts AL10 8XB, the U.K.; +44 (0) 1707-278 900; www.mitsubishichips.com.

3.3-V GBICs Address Copper Cabling In Datacom Applications
The dataMate 3.3-V gigabit interface converters (GBICs) are designed for high-performance datacommunications applications that use copper cabling. These hot-pluggable devices also comply with GBIC operational specifications for copper links. Built-in protection circuitry prevents failure whenever they are plugged into conventional 5-V systems. Die-cast housings provide superior EMI performance. Additionally, these GBICs come with 6-pin style 1 (HSSDC) or 9-pin style 2 (DB-9) connectors. Designers can order active or passive versions of both types, with or without the serial ID option.

Available from stock, the dataMate passive GBICs cost $10 each, without the serial ID, in production quantities.

Methode Electronics Inc., 7447 W. Wilson Ave., Chicago, IL 60706; (708) 867-9600; fax (708) 867-3149; www.methode.com.

Low-Noise Amplifier Comes In Rugged Surface-Mount Package
The AA028N1-A2 is a broadband millimeterwave low-noise amplifier. It's designed for millimeterwave communications and sensor systems as the receiver front end, or as a gain stage when a high gain and a low noise figure are required. A single supply voltage simplifies bias requirements. Its maximum bias voltage is 6 V dc. The operating temperature ranges from −55°C to 90°C, while the storage temperature range is −65°C to 150°C. Also, it features a 3-dB noise figure, 17-dB gain, and +7 dBm output power.

According to the company, its rugged surface-mount package provides excellent electrical performance and strong environmental protection for long-term reliability. The ceramic base has filled vias and plated castellations. The lid is unplated alumina with an epoxy seal. The package is installed on top of pc boards on a specially designed footprint. And, it's compatible with high-volume surface-mount installation using solder.

The AA028N1-A2 costs $11.43 in 100,000-unit quantities.

Alpha Industries Inc., 20 Sylvan Rd., Woburn, MA 01801; (781) 935-5150; fax (617) 824-4579; www.alphaind.com.

Miniature Patch Antenna Designed For Portable GPS Applications
The DAX dielectric patch antenna is specifically designed for 1575.42-MHz L1 reception. With its 18- by 18- by 4.5-mm measurements, this ceramic antenna element can be used in portable GPS receivers and navigation systems. Its rectangular microstrip design supports GPS C/A right-hand circular polarization wave reception. According to its manufacturer, its silver-plated copper electrode provides excellent frequency characteristics. Additionally, it has a 50-Ù impedance and a 20-ppm/°C maximum temperature coefficient.

Two models are available. The DAX1575MS63 has a 6-MHz minimum bandwidth and a 0-dBi typical gain (90° zenith). The DAK1575MS50 has a 9-MHz minimum bandwidth and a +5-dBi typical gain (90° zenith). Both models have a receiving frequency range of 1575.42 MHz ±1.023 MHz. They also ship with double-sided adhesive tape for ease in mounting to the ground plane.

Both models cost less than $3.00 each in 1000-piece quantities.

Toko America Inc., 1250 Feehanville Dr., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056; (847) 297-0070; fax (847) 699-1194; www.tokoam.com.

Two-Way RF Splitter/Combiner Designed For Cable Devices
The CX4002 RF splitter/combiner can divide one RF signal into two matched outputs. It also can join two signals into a single output. In either case, the device provides minimal signal loss while maintaining high signal isolation across a 5- to 1000-MHz bandwidth. Its voltage standing wave ratio is 1.1:1 over the full frequency range, while its isolation is 30 dB typical to 400 MHz and 21 dB typical to 1000 MHz.

Designed for compact applications, such as cable distribution equipment, set-top boxes, and Internet appliances, it measures 0.310 by 0.255 in. It features a ceramic base and a cover for pick-and-place compatibility. Also, it can withstand a peak temperature of 235°C during IR solder reflow. It meets the current 750- and 860-MHz requirements for existing cable equipment, and its 1000-MHz capacity prepares it for future applications.

Available in tube or tape-and-reel packaging, the CX4002 costs $3.90 each in 10,000-unit quantities.

Pulse, 12220 World Trade Dr., San Diego, CA 92128; (858) 674-8100; fax (858) 674-8262; www.pulseeng.com.

Broadband Amps Support RF Amplification And Buffering
The BBA series of broadband amps are designed for RF amplification and buffering. These hybrid amps come in a self-contained SMD package, requiring no external RF components for operation. Their I/Os are prematched to 50 Ù for easy integration. Also, they come with a GAHBT gain stage that yields exceptional performance.

Two models are available. The 3-V BBA-320 operates from dc to 3 GHz. It has 20 dB of small-signal gain, up to +11 dBm of output power, and a less than 3.9-dB noise figure. The 5-V BBA-516 can operate from dc to 4 GHz. It provides a 16-dB gain up to a +18-dBm output.

In 1000-unit quantities, both models cost $10.80 each.

Linx Technologies, 575 S.E. Ashley Pl., Grants Pass, OR 97526; (541) 471-6256; fax (541) 471-6251; www.linxtechnologies.com.

Stackable Switch Integrates 12 10/100 Transceivers With Uplink
The Prowler 12M (AC1012SM) is a 12 + 1 intelligent single-chip stackable switch that features integrated 10/100BaseTx/FX transceivers and a gigabit uplink. Its switching architecture permits voice-over-IP (VoIP) applications with up to 4-level priority queuing. Up to 1024 packets can be queued at each priority level for each port. Port mirroring, port trunking, VLAN, and SNMP/RMON support ensure performance, security, and management.

Manufactured with 0.25-µm CMOS process technology, the Prowler 12M has 4 W of power (typical). It integrates 12 10/100 transceivers and a Gigabit uplink that supports GMII and TBI interfaces. A fully compliant IEEE 802.3 media access controller (MAC) per port can provide half- and full-duplex flow control. An address management engine supports up to 16k Unicast MAC addresses. Built-in quality of service (QoS) provides for wire-speed packet prioritization. Up to 8 Mbytes of packet buffer memory permit maximum network performance.

Sampling now, production is slated for July. The AC1012SM is packaged in a 456-pin BGA. It costs $50 each in 10,000-unit quantities.

Altima Communications Inc., 2055 Gateway Place #700, San Jose, CA 95110; (408) 453-3700; fax (408) 453-3701; www.altima.com.

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