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High-Power Amplifier Needs Just 2V In Handhelds

Intended for use as the final RF amplifier in handheld digital cellular equipment, spread-spectrum systems, and other applications in the 800- to 960-MHz band, the RF2119 high-power, high-efficiency power amplifier is designed to deliver 30 dBm output power at 2.5V. The chip also offers 30 dB of small-signal gain and performs at more than 50% efficiency. Well-suited for either CW or pulsed applications, the self-contained device has a power-down mode and accepts a 50W input. Its output can be easily matched to obtain optimum power, efficiency and linear characteristics. Applications include two-way pagers, 3V AMPS/ETACS cellular handsets, CDPD portable data cards, and personal digital cellular and 915-MHz ISM band equipment. It is offered in a 16-lead PSSOP package with a backside ground.


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