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Electronic Design Experts

Welcome to the Electronic Design experts Page. This page includes a list of experts from around the globe that contribute content on a regular basis. Browse the list, view their content, and connect with them. If you are interested in joining the community, please send an email to [email protected] and introduce yourself. 


Paul Anderson

Expertise: Software Security, Embedded

Dr. Anderson received his B.Sc. from Kings College, University of London and his Ph.D. from City University London. Dr. Anderson’s work has been reported in numerous articles, journal publications, book chapters, and international conferences.

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Abdullah Raouf

Expertise: Mobile Video, USB, USB Type-C

Abdullah Raouf is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Lattice Semiconductor focused on mobile video and USB technologies. He has more than a decade of experience in semiconductor product management and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from UC Davis and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

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Ben Brosgol

Expertise: ADA Programming Language

Dr. Benjamin Brosgol is a senior member of the technical staff of AdaCore. He has been involved with programming language design and implementation for more than 30 years, concentrating on languages and technologies for high-integrity systems. Dr. Brosgol was a Distinguished Reviewer of the original Ada language specification and a member of the design team for the Ada 95 revision. He has presented dozens of papers and tutorials over the years at conferences including ACM SIGAda, Ada-Europe, SSTC (Systems & Software Technology Conference), and ICSE (IEEE/ACM International Conference on Software Engineering). He was a member of the Expert Groups for the Real-Time Specification for Java and for Safety-Critical Java, and participated in ISO SC22's Working Group on software vulnerabilities. He holds a BA in Mathematics from Amherst College, and MS and PhD degrees in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University.

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Bob Zollo

Expertise: Power, Test & Measurement

Bob Zollo is solution architect for battery testing for energy and automotive solutions in the Electronic Industrial Solutions Group of Keysight Technologies. Bob has been with Keysight since 1984 and holds a degree in electrical engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N.J.

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Chris Glaser

Expertise: Power, Analog

Christopher James Glaser is an applications engineer for TI’s Low Power DC/DC group. In this role, he supports customers, designs evaluation modules (EVMs), writes application notes, trains field engineers and customers, and generates technical collateral to make TI parts easier to use. He received his BSEE from Texas A&M, College Station, Texas. He can be reached at [email protected].

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Colin Mattson

Expertise: Oscilloscopes, Test & Measurement, Scope Trigger Systems

Colin F. Mattson is an engineer in Research & Development at Keysight Technologies in Colorado. Focusing on real-time oscilloscope trigger systems, Colin has been with Agilent/Keysight since early 2013. He received his BSEE/CE from Oakland University in 2012.

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Cyril Brignone

Expertise: IoT, Distributed Smart Spaces, Home Automation

Cyril Brignone is the Chief Executive Officer, and board member, of Arrayent. Recently, Cyril led the company’s worldwide sales and delivery team, and was previously responsible for defining the Arrayent Connect Platform product portfolio. Before joining Arrayent, Cyril co-founded, an online portal for emerging startup companies to showcase themselves. In 2000, he came to Silicon Valley from France to work at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories as a Senior Research Scientist Manager, later leading the Smart Environment Research Group. There, Cyril initiated and managed research partnerships with partners including SAP, NTT DoCoMo, and the Taiwanese government. This research resulted in the creation of the HP RFID and Sentient Spaces programs. Cyril has 15 years of experience in distributed Smart Spaces and the Internet of Things (IoT). He holds 23 patents in the field.

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Dan Harmon

Expertise: Sensing, Test & Measurement, Power, Analog

Dan Harmon is the marketing manager for the Current and Power Measurement Product Line at Texas Instruments. In his 30-year career at TI, he has supported a wide variety of technologies and products including interface products, imaging analog front-ends (AFEs), and charge-coupled device (CCD) sensors. He also has served as TI’s USB-IF representative and TI’s USB 3.0 Promoter’s Group Chairman. Dan earned a BSEE from the University of Dayton and a MSEE from the University of Texas in Arlington.

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Daniel Bogdanoff

Expertise: Test & Measurement, Oscilloscopes

Daniel Bogdanoff is the Product Manager for the InfiniiVision series of oscilloscopes at Keysight Technologies. He graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in electrical engineering. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys whitewater kayaking, mountain biking and playing various musical instruments.

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David Hall

Expertise: Test & Measurement, Test Instruments

David A. Hall is a senior product marketing manager at National Instruments, where he is responsible for RF and wireless test hardware and software products. His job functions include educating customers on RF test techniques, product management, and developing product demos. His areas of expertise include instrumentation architecture, digital signal processing, and test techniques for cellular and wireless connectivity devices. He holds a bachelor of science degree with honors in computer engineering from Penn State University.

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David Robertson

Expertise: ADCs, Mixed-Signal Circuits

David (“Dave”) Robertson is the General Manager of the High Speed Converter Group at Analog Devices. He holds 16 patents on converter and mixed-signal circuits, and has authored numerous technical papers and award-winning presentations for venues such as the ISSCC and the VLSI Symposium. He has a BA and BE from Dartmouth College, with dual majors in economics and electrical engineering.

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Jake Harnack

Expertise: Automated Test, Source Measure Units (SMUs), High-Precision Instruments

Jake Harnack is a product manager at National Instruments, where he is currently responsible for automated test hardware and software. His job functions include product definition, demo development, and product training for source measure units (SMUs) and other high-precision instruments. He holds a bachelor of science degree with honors in mechanical engineering from Kansas State University.

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Jay Thomas

Expertise: Software, Software Standards, Embedded Controls, Simulation

Jay Thomas, technical development manager for LDRA Technology, San Bruno, Calif., and has worked on embedded controls simulation, processor simulation, mission- and safety-critical flight software, and communications applications in the aerospace industry. His focus on embedded verification implementation ensures that LDRA clients in aerospace, medical, and industrial sectors are well grounded in safety-, mission-, and security-critical processes.

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John LeMoncheck

Expertise: Displays, Sensors

John LeMoncheck, CEO of Cambrios, previously served as president and CEO at SiBEAM, a leader in millimeter-wave solutions and developer of high-speed wireless communications technology. Before joining SiBEAM, LeMoncheck was vice president of Consumer Electronics and PC/Display Products for Silicon Image, where he led the company's successful launch and commercialization of the HDMI standard.

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Justin Moll

Expertise: Embedded Computing, VPX

Justin Moll is Vice President, US Market Development, for Pixus Technologies. With over 15 years of embedded computing experience, Justin has previously worked in Director and Management-level positions for electronics packaging companies. He has a BS in Business Administration from the University of California, Riverside. Justin is active in the embedded industry and is currently the Chair of the 40GbE over MicroTCA committee in PICMG

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Kendall Castor Perry

Expertise: Analog, Filter Specialist - Known as the "Filter Wizard"

For nearly four decades, Kendall Castor-Perry has been chasing signals through electronic systems, wringing out the information they are hiding. He’s a world-class authority on filters and precision analog circuit engineering and a tireless champion of the needs of the customer. He has been widely published and syndicated, especially when sharing his extensive filtering knowledge as “The Filter Wizard.” He holds a BA in Physics from Oxford and an MBA in MBA stuff from London Business School. Kendall is currently Senior MTS Architect in Cypress Semiconductor’s Programmable Systems Division, pushing on the performance:power:price boundaries constraining tomorrow’s critical sensor-processing systems.

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Lauro Rizzatti

Expertise: EDA, Verification Methodology, Tools

Lauro Rizzatti is a verification consultant. He was formerly general manager of EVE-USA and its vice president of marketing before Synopsys’ acquisition of EVE. Previously, he held positions in management, product marketing, technical marketing, and engineering. He can be reached at [email protected].

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Michael White

Expertise: EDA, Design Synthesis, Physical Verification

Michael White is the Director of Product Marketing for Calibre Physical Verification products at Mentor, a Siemens Business. Prior to Mentor, he held various product marketing, strategic marketing, and program management roles for Applied Materials, Etec Systems, and the Lockheed Skunk Works. Michael received a BS in System Engineering from Harvey Mudd College, and an MS in Engineering Management from the University of Southern California.

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Paul Rako

Expertise: Analog, Bob Pease

Paul Rako is a creative director for Rako Studios. After attending GMI (now Kettering University) and the University of Michigan, he worked as an auto engineer in Detroit. He moved to Silicon Valley to start an engineering consulting company. After his share of startups and contract work, he became an apps engineer at National Semiconductor and a marketing maven at Analog Devices and Atmel. He also had a five-year stint at EDN magazine on the analog beat. His interests include politics, philosophy, motorcycles, and making music and videos. He has six Harley Sportsters, a studio full of musical instruments, a complete laboratory, and a video set at Tranquility Base, his home office in Sun City Center Florida.

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Richard Zarr

Expertise: Analog, High-Speed Signal & Datapath Technology

Richard Zarr is a technologist at Texas Instruments focused on high-speed signal and data path technology. He has more than 30 years of practical engineering experience and has published numerous papers and articles worldwide. He is a member of the IEEE and holds a BSEE from the University of South Florida as well as several patents in LED lighting and cryptography.

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Rob Reeder

Expertise: Analog, ADCs, ADC Testing

Rob Reeder is a senior system application engineer with Analog Devices Inc. in the Industrial and Instrumentation Segment focusing on military and aerospace applications. He has published numerous papers on converter interfaces, converter testing, and analog signal chain design for a variety of applications. He received his MSEE and BSEE from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Ill., in 1998 and 1996 respectively.

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Rohit Kumar

Expertise: PSoC System-Level Designs, Bluetooth, BLE, Embedded Systems

Rohit Kumar is an Application Engineer Senior at Cypress Semiconductor. He obtained his Bachelor’s in Technology (B.Tech.) in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad. He works on system-level designs and solutions using PSoC, primarily for made for iPod/iPad/iPhone, USB Digital Audio solution, and BLE systems. He is passionate about embedded systems and low power real-world applications.

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Sachin Gupta

Expertise: Analog/Digital Circuits, Bluetooth, BLE

Sachin Gupta is a Staff Engineer, Product Marketing, with Cypress Semiconductor. He works on different types of analog and digital circuits, as well as synthesizable codes. He holds a diploma in Electronics and Communications from Vaish Technical Institute, and a Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communications from Guru Gobind Signh Indarprastha University, Delhi. He has eight years of experience in SoC applications.

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Scott Montgomerie

Expertise: Augmented Reality

Scott Montgomerie, serial entrepreneur and co-founder/CEO/CTO at Scope AR, has more than 15 years of consumer software and augmented-reality (AR) experience. He is one of the true pioneers in the industrial AR space and puts his industry expertise to work as the head of the company’s technology team. He is passionate about AR and how it can help organizations achieve their goals quickly, with significant cost savings. In fact, he has worked with virtually every commercial head-mounted display on the market and built his own head-mounted display.

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Tom Starnes

Expertise: Processors, Digital ICs

Tom Starnes is arguably the best-known embedded processor analyst in the semiconductor industry. Covering a range of products, Starnes' insight, coupled with his no-nonsense approach to processor and end-use analysis has led to his becoming one of the most sought-after consultants in the world of processors. It is through his hard-hitting insights that many key players in this industry have found their focus and refined their product strategies.

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Thom Denholm

Expertise: Embedded File Systems, Flash Memory (NAND/NOR), RTOs

Thom is an embedded software engineer with more than 20 years of experience, combining a strong focus on operat¬ing system and file system internals with a knowledge of modern flash devices. He holds a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from Gonzaga University. His love for solving difficult technical problems has served him well in his 15 years with Datalight. In his spare time, he works as a professional baseball umpire and an internet librarian. Though he has lived in and around Seattle all his life, he has never had a cup of coffee.

Taylor Adam

Expertise: Design and Developpment of Embedded Systems and FPGAs

Adam Taylor is a world recognised expert in design and development of embedded systems and FPGA's for a number of end applications. Throughout his career Adam has used FPGA's to implement a wide variety of solutions from RADAR to safety critical control systems, with interesting stops in image processing and cryptography along the way. Most recently he was the Chief Engineer of a Space Imaging company, being responsible for several game changing projects. Adam is the author of numerous articles on electronic design and FPGA design including over 150 blogs on how to use the Zynq. Adam is Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, he is also the owner of the engineering and consultancy company Adiuvo Engineering and Training

Stephen Oliver

Expertise: Power Semiconductor, Power Supply Industries

Stephen Oliver is VP Sales & Marketing for Navitas Semiconductor. He has over 20 years’ experience in the power semiconductor and power supply industries in computing, industrial, automotive and telecom markets with Motorola and Philips (NXP) in the UK, and International Rectifier and Vicor in the USA. He holds a B.Eng (Hons) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Manchester University, UK and an MBA in Global Marketing & Strategy from UCLA, USA. Stephen hold several patents in power semiconductors, is a Chartered Engineer and is currently President of the PSMA.

Michael Barr

Expertise: Embedded Systems, Software, Engineering Management, Firmware

Barr Group co-founder and CTO Michael Barr is a former adjunct professor of electrical and computer engineering with over a decade of software design and implementation experience. Internationally recognized as an expert in the field of embedded software process and architecture, Barr has been admitted as a testifying expert witness in U.S. and Canadian court cases involving issues of reverse engineering (including DMCA), interception of encrypted signals (Federal Communications Act), patent infringement, theft of copyrighted source code (including trade secrets issues), and product liability.
Barr is also the author of three books and more than 60 articles and papers on embedded systems. For three and a half years Barr served as editor-in-chief of Embedded Systems Programming magazine. Barr holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering at the University of Maryland, from which he also earned an MBA.

Markus Levy

Expertise: Processor and Microcontroller Architectures, Autonomuos Vehicle System, IoT Connectivity and Security

Markus Levy is president of EEMBC, which he founded in April 1997. As president, he manages the business, marketing, press relations, member logistics, and supervision of technical development. Mr. Levy is also president of the Multicore Association, which he co-founded in 2005. He was previously founder and chairman of the Multicore Developers Conference, a senior analyst at In-Stat/MDR, and an editor at EDN magazine, focusing in both roles on processors for the embedded industry. Mr. Levy began his career in the semiconductor industry at Intel Corporation, where he served as both a senior applications engineer and customer training specialist for Intel's microprocessor and flash memory products. He is the co-author of Designing with Flash Memory, the one and only technical book on this subject, and received several patents while at Intel for his ideas related to flash memory architecture.

Jim Handy

Expertise: Digital IC, Memory

Jim Handy, a widely recognized semiconductor analyst, comes to Objective Analysis with over 30 years in the electronics industry including 14 years as an industry analyst for Dataquest (now Gartner) and Semico Research.
His background includes marketing and design positions at market-leading suppliers including Intel, National Semiconductor, and Infineon.

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Jerry Gipper

Expertise: VITA, VPX, VME

Jerry is the executive director of VITA where he is responsible for the management of the organization. With over 30 years of experience in the marketing of VITA technologies such as VMEbus, VPX, PMC, and more, he is recognized as an industry authority in embedded board, system, and software technology.

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Craig Armenti

Expertise: PCB Design, Schematic Capture, Data Management

Craig Armenti is a PCB marketing engineer for the Board Systems Division of Mentor Graphics. Armenti has more than 25 years of experience in the EDA industry. He has held Marketing and Application Engineering positions with several major telecommunication and software companies. He holds Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology and Master of Business Administration degrees.

Boris Golubovic

Expertise: IoT, Business Strategy

Boris Golubovic joined Littelfuse in 2016 as Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for the Electronics Business Unit. Prior to his current role at Littelfuse Boris was the Head of Global Product Management for TE Connectivity's Wireless Networks business. In his 12 years at TE Connectivity, Boris has held a range of global leadership positions in product management, business development, technology, and technical marketing. Prior to joining TE Connectivity Boris worked in Silicon Valley startup, venture capital, and technology companies.
Boris holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering, a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, all from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Boris is a contributor to several industry standards, has authored many peer-reviewed international technical publications, conference talks, and participates on industry thought leadership panels.

Masoud Beheshti

Expertise: Gallium Nitride, Wide-bandgap Solutions

Masoud Beheshti is responsible for advanced technology strategy and marketing for wide-bandgap solutions at Texas Instruments. Beheshti has years of experience in power management in roles including system engineering, product-line management, and marketing and application management. He has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a Master of Business Administration degree in marketing and finance.

Steve Tom

Expertise: Gallium Nitride, Wide-bandgap Solutions

Steve Tom manages the Gallium Nitride (GaN) new technology development team within TI’s High Voltage Power business unit and is responsible for overseeing and driving TI’s acceleration into this market through innovative product development and system-level advancements. Steve has held multiple roles inside of TI all related to power management including field applications, new product definition, and product line management. Steve joined TI after graduation from the University of Michigan with BSEE and MS IOE degrees.

Harold Blomquist

Expertise: Digital ASICs, Mixed-signal ASICs, Memory Technologies, Power Semiconductors, Vampire Power

Harold Blomquist has more than 35 years’ experience in high-tech electronics and the semiconductor industry. He has been CEO of his last four companies and has operated at the vice president level and above for more than 27 years. He has consulted to, and advised, Fortune 100 firms and global leaders in the consulting world. Blomquist’s range of technologies spans commodity and specialized memory chips, digital and mixed signal ASICs, silicon foundry services, signal processing and software licensing, power semiconductors, and IP monetization across all of these, and other, technologies serving all commercial market segments including automotive, aerospace, consumer, computing, communications, industrial, and military/defense in the US and abroad.

Brian Bedrosian

Expertise: IoT, Semiconductors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Combo Chips, MCUs

Brian Bedrosian is the Vice President of Marketing for IoT at Cypress Semiconductor, where he drives strategy for the company's wireless Internet of Things business for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Combo chips and MCUs. He has 25 years of experience in digital communications and wireless technologies.