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Circuit Protection Devices

MOV-Based Protectors Available In Low-Voltage AC Configurations
The TransEnd surge suppression system is designed to protect facilities and equipment against damage and surge-induced degradation. The compact MOV-based protectors are available in low-voltage ac configurations.

Surge current capacities range from 25 to 100 kA per mode. The components are bolted to copper bus bars. According to the company, this configuration lowers system impedance and clamping voltage. It also increases the reliability of the suppression system.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Current Technology Inc., 3001 W. Story Rd., Irving, TX 75038-3058; (800) 238-5000; fax (972) 252-7705; Internet: www.currenttechnology.com.

Halogen-Free Electrical Conduit Line Fits Transit Applications
A line of halogen-free flexible electrical conduits is ideal for applications in which materials must be free of the caustic effects of halogen as products of combustion. With four types of conduits, this line provides a range of safe choices for applications in which standard liquid-tight PVC conduits would generate toxic fumes and caustic smoke if burned.

The Type ATX halogen-free conduit uses a thermoplastic rubber (TPR) jacket over the flexible steel inner core to withstand extreme temperature ranges. With a flammability rating of UL 94HB, it is designed for use between −60°C and 150°C. The Type CEA suits confined spaces and −40°C to 80°C temperatures. It's built with a specially formulated flame-retardant polyurethane jacket over the steel inner core. The Type ACEA is a lightweight version.

The Type ZHLA uses the same jacketing and performs under the same temperature limits as the CEA model. It also conforms to UL 360 and carries a UL listing. The Type CLFR is a 100% nylon corrugated conduit. This self-extinguishing conduit is UL recognized.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Electri-Flex Co., 222 W. Central Ave., Roselle, IL 60172-1994; (800) 323-6174; fax (630) 529-0482; www.electriflex.com.

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