Dual-Tone Audio-Alert Transducer Offers Wide Input Range

Dual-Tone Audio-Alert Transducer Offers Wide Input Range

Due to its operating voltage range of 6 to 48 V dc, Transducers USA’s KPE637 dual-tone audio-alert transducer will find homes in a multitude of applications for on- or off-road needs. The transducer produces a sound output of over 100 dB in either a continuous or pulse output at 2500 Hz, ±500. Current consumption is 22 mA maximum, and operating temperature ranges from −30 to +85°C. As a result, the device can handle all types of environmental conditions. Units are constructed of ABS-UL94 high-temperature plastic that comes with quick connect tabs or wire leads. For mounting, there’s a two-hole footage mounting on a 32.5-mm circular body.


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