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Next-Gen IDCs Whittle Down Wire-Termination Costs

Next-Gen IDCs Whittle Down Wire-Termination Costs

AVX_1119-ARedesigned versions of AVX Corp.’s insulation displacement connectors (IDCs) help simplify and reduce the cost of wire-termination processes. The surface-mount 9175 and 9176 series connectors feature a plastic cap that retains the contact in position prior to automatic placement and then acts as the assembly tool to terminate the wires. Thanks to the IDCs’ one-piece design, users can insert discrete wires into the cap without stripping them first, and need only press the cap down to provide a secure gas-tight termination. The connectors come in two configurations: end-stop and through wire. Current and voltage ratings for the 9175 and 9176 are 1 A (per contact)/150 V ac and 10 A (per contact)/300 V ac, respectively. The 9175 terminates 26-28 AWG wires; the 9176, 18-24 AWG wires. Operating temperature for both series ranges from −40°C to +125°C, and feature a durability of three cycles. Contacts consist of phosphor bronze and tin-over-nickel plating.


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