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Sealed Connectors Offer Proven Terminals For Flexibility

Sealed Connectors Offer Proven Terminals For Flexibility

Molex-1204-ALisle, IL, U.S.: The Molex Sealed Rectangular Connector (SRC) system targets high-circuit-count applications in harsh environments such as agricultural machinery, construction, and mining equipment (see the figure). It offers a rugged, sealed wire-to-panel and wire-to-wire hybrid connection system featuring the company’s MX150 (control) and MX150L (power) terminals.

This proven terminal technology helps non-automotive transportation OEMs save costs by eliminating the need to purchase, handle, and crimp individual wire seals. Comprising seven segments (A to G) that can be power or control segments, where one control segment consists of 12 circuits and one power segment consists of three circuits, the SRC’s modular design provides flexibility to increase circuit count up to 84 (control only). It also allows for simple field repair and replacement of headers and connectors.

The Molex SRC system uses MX150 terminals with current ratings up to 18 A, while the MX150L terminals are rated up to 40 A. Retention greater than 400N helps ensure good mating in high-vibration environments. The SRC achieves single-handed blind mate functionality through a sliding latch with cam action. In addition, plastic standoffs arranged within the terminal position assurance provide an anti-scooping feature that prevents damage to terminals when header and connector are mated.


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