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Sensors Count Dithering Containers

Counting containers on single-file conveyor lines is possible with the Model CT1000 Series of ultrasonic counting sensors. With dual-transducer design, accuracy is maintained even in the presence of line stoppages and reversals, as well as container agitation (dithering) in front of the sensor, which is typical of problems encountered by other sensors. Designed to eliminate miscounts and substantially reduce downtime associated with setups and changeovers, the sensors accurately count both separated and back-to-back containers at line speeds up to 2000 per minute. The sensors' output can be used with most counters or totalizers to keep count of the containers. If containers move past the sensor in a reverse direction, the sensors remember not to recount these containers when they move past the sensor in the correct direction. Containers can be of any material, shape, color and style, and sized from 25.4 to 305 mm in diameter. The sensing range to the inside of the pass-line rail is 50.8 to 69.8 mm. Operation is from 15 to 24 vdc providing both sinking NPN and sourcing PNP outputs. Protection ratings are IP67, NEMA 4X and CE Mark.


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