Electronic Design

Through-Hole Spring-Loaded Connectors Flaunt 0.05" Pitch

Available in single- and double-row strip packaging, the company’s high-density, 0.05” pitch through-hole and surface-mount spring-loaded connectors are gold plated and assembled in a high temperature thermoplastic insulator suitable for wave and reflow soldering processes. The Series 854-22-0XX-10-001101 and 855-22-0XX-10-001101 through-hole insulators feature molded standoffs and tail diameters of 0.016” that require minimal diameter plated holes for connector mounting, maximizing signal routing between pins. The Series 854-22-0XX-30-001101 and 855-22-0XX-30-001101 surface-mount spring connectors stand less than 0.23” tall when engaged mid-stroke at 0.0275”. Each SMT spring pin features a base geometry of 0.00” round by 0.01” tall. MILL-MAX MANUFACTURING CORP., Oyster Bay, NY. (516) 922-6000.

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