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AC’97 Rev 2.3 Codecs Ready For Mainstream Audio

Addressing AC’97 Rev 2.3, the latest audio technology developed by Intel, the ALC203 and ALC250 codecs target two-channel applications and the ALC655 and ALC658 are six-channel devices. Each provides a jack-sensing function, PC beep generator, and interrupt capability. The ALC203, ALC250, and ALC658 also include the company's proprietary universal audio jack (UAJ) technology that routes both input and output functions on each of the two jacks, eliminating cable connection errors and providing plug-and-play capability. Signal to noise ratio for these three devices is greater than 100 dB. The ALC250 includes a hardware equalizer. The ALC655 and ALC658 integrate the company's FlexJack technology, which is said to ease upgrading form two-channel to six-channel audio. Both include a power-off-CD function that allows CD-player activation without booting the computer. REALTEK SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Hsinchu, Taiwan. +886-3-578-0211


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