Electronic Design

Chip Delivers Audio Trademark

Nuvoton’s ISD2130 Digital ChipCorder handles audio playback in the consumer and industrial markets targeting applications in toys, insert cards, and invitation cards. The program memory can be programmed multiple times. It can provide audio brand imaging to devices as well as delivering a distinctive sound logo or “acoustic  trademark.”

The chip has a built-in 1 Mbit non-volatile MTP memory. It supports audio sampling frequency of 32KHz, 16KHz, 12.8KHz, 8Hz, 6.4KHz, 5.3KHz, and 4KHz. The digital interface is via SPI for microcontroller operation but it can operate in standalone mode with button interfaces initiating audio feedback. Audio output can be done when the chip powers up, via SPI control or via six button inputs. There is a built-in Class-D speaker driver.

The chip stores about 30 seconds of audio at 8 kHz/4-bit ADPCM. It uses less than 1µA in standby mode. The ISD2130 comes in a 20-pin QFN package. Pricing starts at $1.


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