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3.3-V LPLD Serves As Socket-Compatible Replacement
The CL7256A is 100% socket-compatible with Altera's MAX 7256A PLD. According to the company, this 3.3-V link processed logic device (LPLD) has a 45% smaller die and typically consumes 30% less power than the MAX 7256A.

This LPLD has coarse-grained logic structures similar to those in the MAX 7256A, so it directly accepts MAX programming files. The device employs 250,000 fewer transistors, requiring only one transistor for each input term in the AND array. Its interconnect functions and input terms are configured by severing vertical links in vias on the CL7256A die. According to the company, the CL7256A's interconnect array and product term AND array use 72% and 55% less silicon, respectively, than the original device.

Sample parts are created free of charge with the submission of a CL7256A programming file. Prices start at $5.80 for the CL7256ATC100-12 in 100,000-unit quantities.

Clear Logic Inc., 5870 Hellyer Ave., San Jose, CA 95138-1004; (408) 361-2600; fax (408) 361-2666; www.clear-logic.com.

48-Line Digital I/O Card Offers Interrupt Capability
The 5660 Digital IO Card is 100% compatible with any ISA-bus computer system. This 48-line digital I/O card features bit directionality and interrupt capability. Debounce time is fully programmable.

Complete functionality is guaranteed from −40°C to 80°C. The 5660 interfaces directly with industry-standard signal-conditioning modules manufactured by Opto 22, Grayhill, and others. For direct 5-V inputs, there is protection against overvoltage, reverse voltage, and ESD. Each output is capable of sourcing and sinking 16 mA. 50-pin connectors offer industry-standard pinout for each group. The 5660 has programmable interrupts for all inputs. An interrupt can be programmed to occur on a high-to-low, low-to-high, or change-of-state of any input. The interrupts can be jumpered to any of five ISA-bus interrupt buses. The interrupting line can be identified and reset in as little as three read/write operations.

The 5660 is available now. It costs $245.

Octagon Systems, 6510 W. 91st Ave., Westminster, CO 80031; (303) 430-1500; fax (303) 412-2050; www.octagonsystems.com.

Memory Modules Upgrade Workstations
A line of memory provides capacities ranging from 128 Mbytes to 512 Mbytes to offer users a variety of platforms from low-end UNIX applications to high-end design calculations. The modules serve as memory upgrades for Silicon Graphics Visual Workstations, models 230 and 330.

According to the company, these modules enhance performance of intense computing applications in CAD, architecture, engineering, publishing, medical imaging, 3D animation, and game development. The modules meet Pentium III processors running at speeds of 667 to 800 MHz. The 5A67ER4SCL7T 128-Mbyte module costs $300. The 5A37ER4SCL7T 256-Mbyte module costs $600. The 512-Mbyte version, the 5A57ER4SDL7T, costs $1300.

Camintonn Corp., 22 Morgan, Irvine, CA 92618-2022; (949) 454-1500; fax (949) 830-4726; www.camintonn.com.

Line of DSPs Extends Code And Pin Compatibility
The ADSP-218xN series of digital signal processors (DSPs) now features extended code and pin compatibility. Operating at 1.8 V, the ADSP-218xN series delivers power consumption as low as 0.3 mA/MIP with integration ranging from 320 kbits to 2 Mbits of internal SRAM.

According to the company, these DSPs are suited for general-purpose DSP applications as well as communications equipment and wireless designs. They also suit applications that require reduced battery usage, such as personal digital assistants and other types of portable devices. Program memory ranges from 8 kbytes in the ADSP-2186N to 48 kbytes in the ADSP-2188N. Data memory ranges from 8 kbytes in the ADSP-2186N to 56 kbytes in the ADSP-2188N.

A range of software and hardware development tools are available to support the ADSP-218xN family. The DSP tools include an integrated development environment, an evaluation kit, and a serial port emulator. VisualDSP, an integrated development environment, enables fast development, debug, and deployment.

In 10,000-unit volumes, prices range from $6 for the ADSP-2186N to $22 for the ADSP-2188N.

Analog Devices Inc., 3 Technology Way, Norwood, MA 02062-9106; (800) ANALOGD; fax (800) 406-6212; www.analog.com.

Video Adapter Card Allows Remote Operation Of FPDs
The PCIX-693RP PCI video adapter card allows operation of an LCD panel and touchscreen at 33 ft. from the host CPU via the digital PanelLink interface without degradation of picture quality or touchscreen data. It implements the flat-panel display industry's Transition Minimized Differential Signaling (TMDS) digital PanelLink interface. This ensures high noise immunity and low emissions over long cable lengths.

This card supports a wide variety of 3- and 5-V monochrome, color Single-Panel, Single-Drive (SS), and color Dual-Panel, Dual-Drive (DD) standard displays. It further supports high-resolution passive STN, and 18-, 24-, and 36-bit active matrix TFT LCD panels. SXGA display resolutions up to 1280 by 1024 pixels are supported. Display quality is optimized through a variety of programmable features.

The PCIX-693RP can be used in either 3.3- or 5-V PCI-bus configurations. The Plug-and-Play BIOS is Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME and VESA 2.0 compatible. The solution uses the Asiliant B69030 graphics accelerator chip. For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Densitron Technologies, 10430-2 Pioneer Blvd., Sante Fe Springs, CA 90670; (562) 941-5000, ext. 243; fax (562) 941-5757; www.densitron.com.

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