Electronic Design

New Products

FPGA Development Software Keeps Connections Correct
Xilinx's Platform Studio 8.1i adds a host of new features, including a system assembly panel that uses color-coded graphical connectivity views to aid the editing of bus connections. Its system block-diagram viewer lets developers visualize the entire system hierarchy. The Platform Studio includes the Embedded Development Kit (EDK) and the Integrated Software Environment (ISE) 8.1i. The EDK costs $495. www.xilinx.com

90-nm Hard-Disk Read Channel Cuts Power Consumption In Half
Agere's TrueStore RC7200 90-nm read channel design can deliver up to 240 Gbytes/platter using perpendicular recording for 2.5- and 3.5-in. hard-disk drives. It also uses half the power of competing solutions. The channel can work with 2.5-V analog/1.0-V digital drive configurations as well as legacy 3.3/1.2-V designs. The typical cost for integrating the RC7200 into a custom system-on-a-chip ranges from $8 to $10. www.agere.com

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