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New Products

ARM9 Power Wireless Module
Digi International's ConnectCore Wi-9C module houses an ARM926EJ-S processor with 802.11b/g support. It also has a 100BaseT connection and USB host and device support. The small-outline dualinline memory-module connector provides access to I/O support, including an LCD controller. The module can have up to 256 Mbytes of NAND flash and SDRAMand 8 Mbytes of NOR flash. It supports ThreadX, Windows CE, and Linux. Module pricing starts at $149.

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DDS Fronts Global Virtual Database
Real-Time Innovation's Data Distribution Service (DDS) 4.0 middleware allows DDS clients to access a virtual database. The database can be the front end in memory or disk-based database services hosted on other clients. The middleware handles replication among database hosts and DDS clients. It supports a range of platforms, including the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database. A three-developer license starts at $69,200.

USB 2.0 Speeds Compact JTAG
Macraigor's usb2Sprite and usb2Demon push past parallel-port performance. The $750 usb2Demon can be over three times faster than the smaller, less expensive $210 usb2Sprite. Both are available for a range of 32-bit architectures and work with Macraigor's Flash Programmer, J-Scan, and free OCD Commander. A pre-built GNU suite can be downloaded for free.

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Chip Simplifies Internet Access
ConnectOne's iChip CO120SQ targets machine-to-machine Internet links. The gateway chip uses a Hayes-style command interface on the host side and Wi-Fi or Ethernet on the other side. Host interfaces include USB, serial, SPI, and I2C. Pricing starts at $11.25. Cellular and dialup versions will be available in the third quarter.

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