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These days, the well-equipped consumer's personal electronics collection typically includes a PDA, a GPS receiver, and a cell phone. A few companies have combined the phone and PDA. Centrality Communications, however, has come up with a highly integrated chip that combines all of the baseband functionality of the GPS and cell phone, along with the intelligence to implement a PDA. The Atlas-M chip starts with a 240-MHz ARM9 core; a 120-MHz DSP engine; dedicated multimedia support; a 30-frame/s Common Intermediate Format video processor; an LCD controller for color or monochrome displays with touchscreen support; four 10-Mbit/s universal serial ports; a USB 1.1 serial port; an I2C serial port; and a flexible memory interface that can tie into multiple flash storage card formats. It will integrate a full GPS baseband controller, a Bluetooth controller, and 16-channel GPS baseband controller. Also, it can run the Microsoft Smartphone and PocketPC operating-system software, or the Symbian OS, or several Linux OS offerings. For more information, go to www.centralitycomm.com, or call (408) 982-1818.

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