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Cabinet Cooler Minimizes Compressed Air Use

The new ETC (electronic temperature control) cabinet cooler keeps electrical enclosures cool while accurately maintaining the temperature within ±1¡F of the dial setting. Precise control minimizes compressed air use by permitting a higher temperature setting of the thermostat. The ETC can maintain a constant temperature slightly under the maximum rating of the electronics. A platinum resistance sensor along with solid-state circuitry detects the slightest change in temperature. When the selected temperature is exceeded, the cabinet cooler circulates 20¡F air through the electrical enclosure to prevent high-temperature malfunction. The large LCD readout gives a visual display of the internal temperature of the electrical enclosure. Constructed of a strong ABS plastic, the ETC has a clear polycarbonate door with a secure latch for use in NEMA 4, 4X and 12 environments. The cabinet cooler system installs in minutes through a standard electrical knockout. It includes an automatic drain filter separator to insure that no moisture passes to the inside of the electrical enclosure. Cooling capacities can reach up to 2,800 BTU/hr. Applications include cooling CNC panels, computer cabinets, programmable controllers and variable speed drives. EXAIR CORP., Cincinnati, OH. (800) 903-9247.

Company: EXAIR CORP.

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