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3-GHz Impedance/Material Analyzer Tests 3G Applications
Agilent Technologies Inc.
(800) 452-4844, ext. 7275;

The E4991A is a 3-GHz impedance/material analyzer for 3G applications, including Bluetooth, wireless LAN, and W-CDMA. As an improvement upon the 1.8-GHz 4291B analyzer, this model features broader frequency coverage, better repeatability, a Windows-style user interface, and PC-connectivity. The E4991A also provides traceability of impedance-measurement uncertainties, highly repeatable measurements, and dedicated 3-GHz test fixtures.

A proprietary RF-IV technique enables impedance measurement by directly measuring voltage and current. This technique achieves a ±0.8% accuracy over wide impedance and frequency ranges. A 3-GHz universal test fixture (16197A) holds odd-shaped chips with bottom electrodes. An equivalent-circuit analysis function automatically calculates and displays the equivalent-circuit element values for five built-in equivalent-circuit models. PC-connectivity features include LAN and USB ports. Visual Basic for Applications is included for internal automation. The E4991A RF impedance/material analyzer and the 16197A test fixture cost $44,530 and $2900, respectively.

Traffic And Error Generator Evaluates Fibre Channel Systems
Ancot Corp.
(650) 322-5322; fax (650) 322-0455;

The FCAccess 2000G Fibre Channel Traffic Generator is a protocol debugging tool and programmable traffic and error generator for Fibre Channel systems. It is capable of generating Fibre Channel transmission words, frames, or sequences that include illegal code for error testing. Support for point-to-point, arbitrated loop, and fabric topologies is provided. The 2000G incorporates a full library of FC frames and commands, as well as example scripts that can be modified by the user to create custom test suites.

This tool offers support for both 1.06 and 2.12 Gbits/s. Simple yet powerful editors enable custom test development. It also provides generation of illegal codes specified on the 10B level. Complete low-level control of loop initialization is provided. An SPF GBIC interface supports both copper and optical-fiber connections. The API library is compatible with the company's previous traffic generator, the FCT-5500. The FCAccess 2000G is available packaged in any of three FCAccess computer systems: lunchbox, briefcase, or minitower. It also comes as an add-on PCI card for existing FCAccess systems with an available PCI slot. Available now, pricing for the PCAccess starts at $17,500.

AC Test Source Complies With All International Input Power Standards
Chroma Systems Solutions
(800) 478-2026, ext. 200; fax (949) 421-0350;

The 61500 AC Source functions for worldwide compliant and precompliance power standards testing. This source offers a combination of high inrush current, 16-bit measurements, and waveform compatibility. Also, this ac/dc source enables manufacturers to automate international ac power emissions and immunity standards tests. It is designed for use in bench or rack-mounted systems in the commercial avionics, military, medical, and telecommunications industries. It is suited for designers who export electrical or electronic hardware for use in the European Union, Asia, and Japan.

According to the company, the PWM design delivers a clean output waveform with the highest current crest factor (six times rms) available in a programmable ac source. The 61500 enables users to perform fully compliant tests meeting IEC 61000-4-11, -13, -14, and -28 standards. The 61500 is available in single- or three-phase configurations from 500 to 6000 VA/phase. It is priced from $3700 for a 500-VA single-phase unit.

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