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IR Thermometers Feature Optically-Matched Sighting System

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The MX series of handheld infrared thermometers features an optically matched, coaxial laser sight system designed to precisely outline the target measurement area. This feature allows the instrument to perform measurements from any distance. Its bar graph display automatically charts the last 10 temperature points using minimum and maximum values to determine the range. A locking trigger allows continuous temperature monitoring. Available in a range of models, the MX2 is a standard unit and the MX4 is a high-performance model that accepts K and J thermocouples, thermistors, power input, and allows for data output via an RS-232 port. The MX4+ includes Windows-based data-management software, a thermocouple K probe, RS-232 cable, and a plug-in power supply. The MXsx and MXCF are designed for applications requiring measurement of very low temperatures and for extremely small target areas, respectively.

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