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New LCD Touts True Color Fidelity

New color-control technology has been incorporated into a series of SVGA and XGA industrial TFT LCD modules in sizes ranging from 8.4" diagonal to 15" diagonal. Natural Color Matrix technology is designed to give flat panel displays truly accurate color representation, optimum color balance and superior image quality. By handling hue, saturation and intensity as separate entities, this technology provides independent control over the chromatic hue and achromatic saturation and intensity characteristics of a color construct. Natural Color Matrix technology achieves vivid reproduction of the most subtle colors, such as pastels and flesh tones, and provides independent control of six colors without one color influencing any of the others. It supports 18-bit and 24-bit color and full motion video and compensates for any color shifts caused by LCD components such as CCFLs and optical films. NCM does not require a significant amount of LCD driving voltage, large amounts of circuitry or memory-intensive resources. Pricing starts at $258.40. OPTREX AMERICA INC., Plymouth, MI. (734) 416-8500.


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