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Hygrometer Combines Instrument And Sensor In The Same Package
The S4000 Intergale Optical Hy-grometer integrates the instrument and sensor into a single bench-mount case. Weighing less than 22 lbs., this device employs three-stage Peltier cooling and a unique dual optics-detection system. This system measures reflected and scattered light in a differential mode. As a result, users can accurately detect even the slightest formation of water or ice on the mirror surface, providing transfer-standard levels of accuracy and repeatability.

Its dewpoint measurement range reaches from −60°C to 20°C, with ±0.1°C accuracy. Also, its built-in flowmeter and dual, multifunction LED display can measure moisture in degrees Fahrenheit, Celsius, or %RH and PPM(V), PPM(W), g/m3, or g/kg. Automatic contamination compensation ensures continuous optimal operation in contaminated environments. Additionally, it can provide precision dewpoint measurements at the process point or for calibration or metrology laboratory applications.

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Kahn Instruments Inc., 885 Wells Rd., Wethersfield, CT 06109; (860) 529-8643; fax (860) 529-1895; www.kahn.com.

Force Sensor Uses Half-Bridge Design To Trim Wire Count
The FT50 bonded foil-strain gage has been designed for high reliability. This force sensor's parallelogram design minimizes off-center load effects while improving accuracy. It ranges from 1 to 20 lbs. in capacity. Also, its operating temperature ranges from −40°F to 150°F, while its overall temperature range spans from −60°F to 200°F. Its half-bridge design reduces its number of interconnecting wires. When used with a 6- by 4-in. platform, it suits applications like medical instrumentation, continuous inventory systems, feed-rate control, test equipment, kitchen, and other low-cost scales.

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Revere Transducers, 14192 Franklin Ave., Tustin, CA 92780-7016; (714) 731-1234; fax (714) 731-2019; www.reveretransducers.com.

Vibrometer Suitable For Host Of Industrial Applications
The IVS-200 laser Doppler vibrometer is designed for online vibration testing in production environments. Its ruggedized tamper-proof housing is rated to industrial IP-64 specs. This device also measures just 255 by 114 by 52 mm. Its low-power visible laser is eye-safe. The operating distance is variable. It's powered by 11 to 14.5 V dc. And, it includes an open-end connection cable for integration into process control systems.

According to its manufacturer, the IVS-200 can be used in quality control on ac and dc motors. It also provides noise control on turbochargers, air conditioners, gear boxes, steering devices, and other automotive components. Additional applications include vibration measurements on domestic appliances and compressor production lines. Designers can use it to test electronic components, pc boards, and light bulbs as well.

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Polytec PI Inc., 23 Midstate Dr., Ste. 212, Auburn, MA 01501; (508) 832-3456; fax (508) 832-0506; www.polytecpi.com.

Tri-Axial Accelerometer Families Fit Space-Constrained Applications
The models in the 500-TX and 600-TX lines of tri-axial accelerometers utilize a piezoelectric crystal composition to simultaneously measure acceleration in three mutually perpendicular axes. They feature detachable low-noise cable assemblies. Also, their operating temperature ranges from −100°F to 350°F.

The 600-TX family is designed for laboratory, aerospace, nuclear, military, and industrial applications where space is critical, accessibility is difficult, or minimum size and weight are required to prevent loading of the specified test. Each unit in this family has a sensitivity of 1.5 pcmb/pk G for each axis.

Meanwhile, the devices in the 500-TX line suit general uses like test work, industrial controls, and OEM applications where ruggedness and reliability are required as well as accuracy. Its models have 17-pcmb/pk G sensitivity for each axis.

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Columbia Research Laboratories Inc., 1925 Mac Dade Blvd., Woodlyn, PA 19094; (800) 813-8471; fax (610) 872-3882; www.columbiaresearchlab.com.

Rugged Pressure Transducers Measure High-Purity Pressure
The PC-302 series of pressure transducers is specifically designed to withstand high corrosion while accurately providing high-purity pressure measurement. All wetted surfaces are made from 316L SS, VIM-VAR, with a surface finish with less than 3RA. Also, these transducers provide ±0.25% accuracy from the bestfit straight line, including nonlinearity, hysteresis, and repeatability effects.

Their pressure ranges span from 0 to 6 psig to 3000 psig, and 0 to 15, 25, and 50 psia. Through vacuum/atmospheric cycle testing, their manufacturer has achieved a minimum life of over 1 million operating cycles. With these qualities, these transducers are suitable for use in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries and for specialty gas mixing applications.

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Pureron USA Inc., 19355 Business Center Dr., Northridge, CA 91324; (818) 775-0381; fax (818) 772-2477; www.pureronusa.com.

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