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Embedded Linux Gains Web-Based User Interface
Lineo's Embedix UI provides developers with a microbrowser interface that's easily incorporated into embedded Linux applications. It supports all of HTML 3.2 and the majority of HTML 4.0 plus JavaScript 1.3, cookies, caching, and international character display. SSL 2.0 and 3.0 encryption technology is optional. The complete package is 1.5 MB. Minimizing options cuts the footprint to 680 kB. Embedix UI is priced at $1500.

Lineo, Inc., 390 S. 400 W., Lindon, Utah 84042; (801) 426-5001; fax (801) 426-6166; www.lineo.com.

Microcode Library Available For Intel IXP1200
Microware's new RTOS-independent, microcode solutions library 1.0 for Intel's IXP1200 network processor is now available to customers. The microcode library supports the multiple microengines in the IXP1200, which contains a StrongARM core for system management. Version 1.0 of the Microware microcode solutions library supports ATM adaptation layers AAL1, AAL2, and AAL5. It offers a complete state-machine implementation and a sample system framework for easy customization. Future releases will add 10, 100, and Gbit Ethernet, SONET, and TDM support.

Microware Systems Corp., 1500 N.W. 118th St., Des Moines, IA 50325; (515) 223-8000; fax (515) 224-1352; www.microware.com.

J2ME MIDP Receives IDE Support
Metrowerks CodeWarrior for Java, version 6.0, delivers Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) support. This includes mobile information device profile (MIDP) in addition to PersonalJava and Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE). The CodeWarrior integrated development environment (IDE) provides a tightly integrated development and debugging environment.

Metrowerk's PointBase database also comes with CodeWarrior for Java. In addition to meeting the Pure Java certification standard, PointBase has a small memory footprint, making it suitable for embedded applications. CodeWarrior for Java is priced at $399.

Metrowerks, A Motorola Company, 9801 Metric Blvd., Austin, TX 78758; (512) 997-4700; fax (512) 997-4901; www.metrowerks.com.

Remote Programming And Debugging Tools Work With 8-Bit Network Platform
The RabbitLink tool supports IP-based programming and debugging of 8-bit, Rabbit2000-based systems. Plus, it supports Rabbit Semiconductor's Dynamic C programming language. The corresponding RabbitLink card features a 22.118-MHz Rabbit2000 CPU, 10BaseT interface, 512 kB of flash memory, and 128 kB of SRAM. In addition, the card comes with the Dynamic C IDE.

The RabbitLink tool and card cost $99 and $129, respectively. Both contain the associated software and cabling.

Rabbit Semiconductor, 2932 Spafford St., Davis, CA 95616; (530) 757-8400; fax (530) 757-8402; www.rabbitsemiconductor.com.

Bluetooth Tools Support Windows CE Platform
The WinDK extension for Bluetooth helps software developers cut time-to-market while improving functionality and reliability. It boasts a fully qualified Bluetooth software stack and a code-generation wizard that creates most driver code for a variety of hardware platforms. The wizard supports Plug-and-Play power management as well as most buses, including PC card, USB, ISA, PCI and RS-232.

Bluetooth's WinDK extension toolkit costs $14,995. Run-time royalties are negotiated on a per-developer basis.

BSQUARE Inc., 1136 W. Evelyn Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086; (888) 820-4500, (408) 774-5250; fax (408) 774-5290; www.bsquare.com.

Network-Ready Starter Kit Delivers
Embedded Internet Applications Quickly

The Hyperstone starter kit targets the Hyperstone RISC/DSP processor with HyNetOS. This real-time, small-footprint, multitasking network operating system supports both Java and C-based applications. HyNetOS is licensed on a royalty basis. Software support incorporates a C IDE and support for third-party Java tools. Optional software modules include a web server, e-mail client, and Java VM.

The starter kit comprises a baseboard with a 200 MOPS, 50-MHz Hyperstone processor, serial debug port, a USB port, two hardware expansion ports, and a RJ-45 connector for the Micro WebTarget's built-in 10BaseT Ethernet interface. With 4 MB of DRAM and 1 MB of flash memory, the kit costs $2295.

Smart Network Devices, Karl Heinz Beckurts-Str. 13, D-52 428 Jülich, Germany; +49 2131 223267; fax +49 2131 223269; www.smartnd.com.

Development Framework Targets DSP Products
The DelCORE Universal Framework supports DSP application development for processors from many companies. That includes Analog Devices (SHARC, Tiger SHARC, and 21xx families), Equator Technologies (MAP1000), Intel, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, and Texas Instruments (TMS 320C5x, TMS 320C54x, and TMS 320C6x families), .

With Framework, wireless application designers can buy, license, or create algorithms and protocols to quickly develop applications. The first standards-based, application-specific product for the Framework is the IS-136 SoftRadio. Designed for suppliers of cellular basestations and handsets, this device addresses both terminals and basestations. Also, it supplies a software bridge between second-generation wireless standards, transition technologies like GPRS and EDGE, and third-generation, digital wireless standards.

Delphi Communication Systems, Clock Tower Pl., Suite 310, Maynard, MA 01754; (978) 897-5650; fax (978) 461-1725; www.delcomsys.com.

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