Electronic Design

Of Special Note...

Web Server.
The eZ80 Webserver-i microcontroller from Zilog adds an Infrared Data Association (IrDA) compatible infrared encoder/decoder ideal for low-power, local communication. The device's TCP/IP stack works with a range of interfaces, including serial and Ethernet links. The device runs at 50 MHz and has a 24-bit memory-management unit. It costs $5.72 in OEM quantities and comes with a TCP/IP stack and Ethernet reference design.

Operating System.
Vita Nuova's Inferno is a compact operating system that supports the Texas Instruments TMS320C55x DSP and ARM9 combination in one-chip solutions like the TI OMAP1510. The OMAP targets 2.5G and 3G wireless products and mobile Internet devices. Inferno's Styx communication system is well suited for this environment. A single-user version costs $100. Contact the company for further licensing information.

Power Supply.
The S8VS DIN-rail-mounted switching supplies from Omron Electronics forecast and display the supplies' operating life by calculating the deterioration of the units' electrolytic capacitors. To do so they monitor internal temperature, which is a predictor of the capacitor's failure. The supplies, which are also available without the monitors, generate 24 V at up to 2.5 A (60 W) or 3.75 A (90 W). Prices start at $99.

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