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1-Pass Test-Synthesis Tool Lets Designers Achieve DFT Closure
The DFT Compiler is a next-generation 1-Pass test-synthesis tool that strengthens existing 1-Pass test-synthesis capabilities. It also lets ASIC designers transparently and automatically implement design-for-test (DFT) at a high level in the design flow to predictably achieve DFT goals.

Designers can use the tool to obtain DFT closure, thanks to two of its features. Its RTL TestDRC uses simulation-based techniques to thoroughly check the design's testability. Meanwhile, its AutoFix capability ensures that the resulting netlist is fully testable and ready for APTG by synthesizing test logic to eliminate test violations such as uncontrollable clocks or asynchronous set/resets. Testability fixes are performed within the design's overall timing constraints, eliminating late-stage risks to timing closure.

New licenses for the DFT Compiler begin at $10,000. It is available as an option to the company's Design Compiler synthesis tool. Existing test-synthesis customers will receive DFT Compiler under their update contracts.

Synopsys, Imperial Way, Worton Grange, Reading, RG2 OTD, the U.K.; +44 (0)118 965 1157; www.synopsys.com.

Updated Monitor Now Supports Smart Battery Systems
The updated I2C Bus Monitor Plus supports Smart Battery Systems (SBS) specification versions 1.0 and 1.1, packet error checking, and protocol violation detection, filtering, and display. It captures, timestamps, pattern-matches, and displays all bus activity up to 400 kHz. Users benefit from a meaningful display of message activity thanks to built-in bus protocol parsers that convert bus-message traffic to SBS terminology and engineering units.

Developers working on everything from simple I2C Bus-based control systems to next-generation PCs and servers can use this laboratory-grade instrument to investigate bus-message activity. Additionally, the monitor includes an external pod, a host PC interface card (PCI, PCMCIA, or ISA), analysis software (Windows 95/98/NT), and a power supply and cables.

Available now, the I2C Bus Monitor Plus costs $4000.

Micro Computer Control Corp., P.O. Box 275, 17 Model Ave., Hopewell, NJ 08525; (609) 466-1751; fax (609) 466-4116; www.mcc-us.com.

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