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Measurement System Boasts One-Channel Sampling Up To 25 kHz
The Extra*Digit Measurement Node MNP-12 measurement system for Handspring Visor platforms permits one-channel sampling at 25 kHz and two-channel sampling at 5 kHz. Selectable digital FIR antialias filters support slower sampling speeds. Its 1-MΩ input impedance matches applications in conditioned sensor data-acquisition and low-voltage circuit testing. Users are able to demonstrate proof of concept in temperature, biophysical force, voltage, and other handheld measurements.

The system's input voltage range, selectable sampling rate, and data storage functions meet general-purpose data-logging requirements. Thanks to its size and low-power shutdown mode, it can continuously reside in the expansion slot without disrupting normal PDA functions.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Pacific Microinstruments Inc., 40 W. Esperanza Ave., Sierra Madre, CA 91024; (626) 836-1822; fax (801) 697-4245; www.pacificmicroinstruments.com.

Vacuum Instrument's Measurement Range Reaches Down To 10−10 Torr
The MC 300 can measure vacuum ranges from Atmosphere down to 10−10 Torr. It features thermocouple, cold cathode, and convection sensors for a wide set of applications. Also, it includes a bright LED display, built-in self-diagnostics, an operator lockout switch, and an optional digital communication interface. For units of measurement, designers can select Torr, microns, mBar, or Pascal. Four process relays come with individually assignable set points. Recorder outputs are provided for each sensor. And, the MC 300 has Argon N2 gas compensation.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Televac, 2400 Philmont Ave., P.O. Box 662, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006-0662; (215) 938-4444; www.televac.com.

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