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Touch Screens Withstand Rough Treatment

With claims of excellent light transmission characteristics and improved levels of reliability and protection against physical damage compared to previous technologies, the Zytouch touch screens are said to be ideally suited to both indoor and outdoor public access kiosks. The touch screens are made of rugged, vandal-resistant laminated glass or polycarbonate materials, are said to be unaffected by moisture, rain, dirt, and harsh cleaning fluids, and feature a proprietary "projected capacitive" sensing technology that does not require users to directly contact the touch sensor to operate. Users can also operate the unit with gloved hands. By adjusting Zytouch's sensitivity, the touch sensor can be embedded up to 25 mm below the touch surface to further protect the touch-screen. Operational specs include light transmission of up to 92%, response times down to just 13 ms, and positional accuracy of less than 1% error within the recommended viewing area. Further, initial accuracy does not drift with time, the company says, eliminating the need for screen recalibration during the kiosk's lifetime. Zytouch driver software is compatible with Windows 9x/NT/2000/ XP and Linux. For pricing, contact Mark Cambridge at ZYTRONIC DISPLAYS LTD., Blaydon, Tyne & Wear, England. +44 (0) 191 414 5511.


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