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Embedded Systems Conference Boston
September 25-28, 2006, Boston, MA

This conference brings together design engineers and vendors to communicate about real world embedded system solutions. Experienced industry experts offer classes and full-day tutorials on embedded design, plus exhibitors display hardware and software products from across the embedded industry.

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Agilent Technologies
has announced online access to three operational instruments, compatible with the LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation (LXI) standard, through the instruments' built-in Web pages. From a desktop PC, visitors to the LXI Live Web site can interact with each product, viewing actual Web pages that display information such as product description, functionality and configuration. This type of remote, Web-based access to a measurement system illustrates the distributed, global test capabilities enabled by LXIcompliant products. To view the interactive instrument pages, a visitor's Web browser must be able to run Java applets. Currently, two identical groups of instruments are accessible via the Web site, allowing visitors to monitor two "environments" live. Each set includes an Agilent 34410A DMM, an L4433A dual 4x8 cross-point matrix and an L4451A four-channel DAC. The latter provides a 60-Hz sine wave with a DC offset, and the L4433A switch matrix routes this signal to the DMM for measurement. The DMM "Browser Web Control" page shows a replica of the instrument's numeric readout, which changes in real time as the input voltage fluctuates.

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Ethernet Cable Readies For Take-Off

Primarily groomed for aerospace applications plus inflight entertainment (IFE) and other aircraft data networks (ADNs), the QUADLITE quadraxial cable is suitable for 10/100-Base T Ethernet networking. Quadraxial cables enable IFE functions such as movies, music, and other entertainment. For ADN applications, the cable is capable of linking avionics, navigation, air traffic control, and audio systems. Overall, the cable suits any interconnect which specifies a 100W, two-pair geometry with electrical requirements similar to IEEE 802.3/2000. Terminating to size eight quadraxial contacts, the cable is available in 150°C and 200°C versions.

TYCO ELECTRONICS, Harrisburg, PA. (800) 522-6752.
Enter No. 110 at

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60W DC/DC Converters Fit In Tight Quarters

In 2 mm x 2 mm x 0.4 mm encapsulated packages, the TEN60 series dc/dc converters deliver up to 60W of power and are available with 18V to 36V or 36V to 75V input ranges and output voltages of 3.3V, 5V, 12V, and 15V. Each component provides 1.5 kVdc of I/O isolation, under-/over-voltage lockout, remote on/off control, output-voltage trim, over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, and integrated EMI filters. An advanced design claims responsibility for efficiencies up to 91%, which accommodates an extended ambient operating temperature range of –40°C to +85°C. Optional heatsinks are available for more demanding environments. Price is $46.50 each/1,000. For further information, contact Paul Christiansen at POWERGATE LLC, Santa Clara, CA. (866) 588-1750.

TRACO ELECTRONIC AG, Zurich, Switzerland. +41 43 311 4511.
Enter No. 111 at

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Company: EEPN

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