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If you missed the web seminar, PowerMeasure Webinar - Measurements and Analysis for Switchmode Design, you still have a chance to view the archive. The seminar covers the measurements of interest for designers of switchmode power conversion circuits and devices. With the goal of high efficient and reliable designs, the seminar reviews the acquisition of voltage and current, their relationship in switchmode power conversion circuits, and the analysis of power device switching losses, conduction losses, safe operating area, and dynamic on-resistance.

The challenge is to perform accurate analysis while the power transistor or diode is operating in the non-ground referenced primary circuit of an off-line switchmode power supply. Instrumentation requirements such as overdrive recovery, high frequency common mode rejection, and channel-tochannel time delay matching are covered. Also covered is a unique technique for using information contained in the pulse width modulation signal to find a power circuit's step response and soft start performance. Other topics covered in the seminar are testing line current harmonics against industry standard EN61000 3-2 and measurements of real power, apparent power, and power factor. To view the webcast, point your browser to the Web Seminars archive at

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Joe Desposito’s Blog
This month Joe writes about mathematics, commenting on an article that appeared in a recent issue of Business Week magazine. The article encourages young people to study calculus, one of Joe's favorite subjects in high school and college. To read Joe's blog entry, point your browser to and scroll down to Joe Desposito's Blog.

Society for Information Display (SID) 2006
June 4-9, 2006
San Francisco, CA

The SID International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition, now in its 44th year, is the premier international gathering of scientists, engineers, manufacturers and users in the electronic display industry.

The event provides access to a wide range of technology and applications from high-definition flat panel displays using both emissive and liquid-crystal technology to the latest in OLED displays and large-area projection display systems. Attendees can find state-of-the-art information on the latest in image processing, systems software and display processor hardware, human factors and applied vision, and exciting new applications such as multimedia and the electronic cinema. The show boasts more than 550 booths and 7,500 attendees. To find out more about this event, visit:

Datasheet Central
New for May is our updated listing of companies who manufacture Microprocessors, DSPs and NPUs. Our Datasheet Central listing makes it fast and easy to link to the datasheets and application notes on vendor web sites. To visit Site Central, go to:

Schroff, a brand of Pentair Electronic Packaging, has recently enhanced and expanded its global AdvancedTCA web site to include improved navigation and a wide range of product and reference information about AdvancedTCA, AdvancedMC and MicroTCA technology. A new feature of the updated site is the AdvancedTCA Academy. The Academy includes AdvancedTCA, AdvancedMC and MicroTCA educational material such as a web seminar module, product road map, thermal simulation test report, feature articles, FAQs, white papers, magazine interviews, and a product image gallery.
In conjunction with its launch of the ESL Initiative—a multi-faceted program aimed at making electronic system level (ESL) design methodologies and tools more accessible to programmable system designers—Xilinx has launched the FPGA industry's first ESL knowledge center at and user blog at Th site organizes information on tools, design flows and applications, including details on how designers can get started with an ESL product evaluation. The goal is to empower the user community to make informed decisions about ESL methodologies and solutions based on their specific requirements. Society for Information Display (SID) 2006 June 4-9, 2006 San Francisco, CA

Company: EEPN

Product URL: Click here for more information

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